High Quality Content Screening Services In Bangladesh

We are monitoring, evaluating, and filtering content according to a predetermined set of standards is the process of content screening. User-generated content (UGC) is a key driver of engagement and activity on social media platforms and online marketplaces, and moderation plays a key role in upholding and enforcing community standards. Either human moderators or an automated moderating system can undertake moderation.

Key Elements Of Our Premium Content Screening Services

The key to releasing a lot of user-generated material while keeping your brand’s reputation and customer journey on par is scalable content screening. The benefits of content moderation are listed below for all businesses to understand.
1. Content screening helps to protect brand reputation.
2. Search engine rankings could be impacted by content screening.
3. By protecting brands from user-posted explicit content, it preserves the reputation of the brands.
4. It plays a significant part in properly managing internet campaigns.
5. Traditional advertising in print, on TV, and on the radio may not have much of an impact on consumer behavior.
6. Only when content screening has been correctly carried out can it draw quality traffic to a brand.

Outsourcing Multilingual Content Moderation Services.

1. Scam Prevention

To safeguard the security of your website at all times & prevent legal disputes, we screen out fake content that endangers visitors.

2. Censoring Nudity

Because unsightly content can radically transform your user base into undesirable mobs, we keep things tidy by removing nudity.

3. Online bullying

It is best to use content screening that regularly report on these concerns because cyberbullying can entirely ruin the reputation.

4. Plagiarism

Our experts who puts time and effort into making sure nothing goes wrong, you can filter out copied content that users post.

5. Unlawful Content

Every day, your website is checked for unlawful content, including the sale of narcotics, weapons, and other things.

6. Content Sorting

Content classification makes your website easier to use and increases traffic. Using our content screening services.

Service Knowledge


Free Consultation

Customers can choose a free consultation, which will enable us to thoroughly assess the content that has to be moderated. Clients can go into great depth on specifically how and what needs to be moderated.



Manual Content Checking

We rely on the expertise of our qualified moderators to thoroughly review and filter each piece of user-generated content screening. Nothing is overlooked, and complete efficiency is attained.

Content Screening


24/7 Customer Support

We provide content moderation services by 24/7 call answering because we recognize that users can publish information at any time. By doing so, we can keep the traffic moving at a steady rate.

FAQs – Multilingual Content Moderation Services 

We offer content screening services around-the-clock to ensure that content is accessible at all times, but in the event of emergency, we have backup procedures in place to handle any conceivable situation.

Our moderators are frequently informed of changes to foreign regulations and potential problems.

Our offerings are not computerized. Our staff of subject matter experts, who can work more quickly and steadily, provides content screening.

Instant withdrawal is not possible due to the costs associated with setting up the entire operation because it would put not only your organization but also our business at danger. Within a certain time frame, we can guarantee a seamless changeover. Early contract cancellation fees may be subject to additional charges that are established by the authority.

We offer regionally-based content moderation services, and our personnel is more than qualified to handle multilingual content. Even if the contents are in a different language, we will examine each and every piece of content in great detail.

Real-time filtering for Images, Texts, and Videos.

High-content Screening Service in Bangladesh.