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Monitoring the audios of your home or office space can further enhance the overall security system. It covers an additional layer of security in your home or office. As you don’t want to let any flaws in your security systems, monitoring the audios is very crucial.

Just like our video monitoring services, the audio monitoring services come with a number of features and benefits. Our expert audio monitors will take care of the ambiance and detect any potential threats. And, we will report any threats just immediately.

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Our Content Monitoring Services

Telecast Audio Monitoring:

In most cases, you would set up audio with video surveillance in your office or home. In such cases, we will monitor both the video and audio simultaneously. Telecast monitoring is more effective than other types of monitoring. It gives you some context about what’s happening in your surveillance area.

Live Webinar Audio Monitoring:

Webinars are now common in the business arena. We offer live webinar audio monitoring services to help you maintain the quality of webinars. When you monitor live webinars, you can detect issues there and correct them immediately.

Audio-Only Monitoring:

We also monitor only audios if you don’t integrate audios with videos. We have experts who monitor and analyze frequencies. Whenever we detect any potential threat, we let you know. Audio-only monitoring takes some additional level of expertise as you can’t watch anything.

Customer Support Audio Monitoring:

In your customer support team, there may be some level of noise when they talk with multiple customers. This can destroy customer satisfaction as they can’t hear the call center executive properly. We detect those issues efficiently and report them to you so you can improve the customer experience.

Outsource Remote Audio , Image, Content Filtering Services to us.

We have long years of experience in providing audio monitoring services. So, you can rely on our experts for monitoring your audios.

Just like our video surveillance service, we have an integrated system that allows you to learn immediately when something happens and take necessary actions.

Our audio monitoring services include a real-time reporting feature. This enables you to take necessary actions as and when needed.

We tag each into their relevant categories and remove the ones that contain obscene, graphic or violent content. Our team monitor thousands of user-generated content and report and stop Accordingly.

Image, Text, Video Content Moderation Services.

We provide 24/7 content monitoring and moderations. Our dedicated team is fast in finding solutions to potential risk.

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