business process outsourcing (BPO)

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of a specific business task, such as payroll, human resources (HR) or accounting, to a third-party service provider. Usually, BPO is implemented as a cost-saving measure for tasks that a company requires but does not depend upon to maintain their position in the marketplace.

Call centre, a prospective business field

Call centre has become one of the fastest growing business fields in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh government has set a target of making business process outsourcing (BPO) a billion dollar business within 2021, said state minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak. ‘BPO is a growing sector in Bangladesh and we have lots of elements to develop…

Call centres on the rebound

Call centres have emerged as a new foreign currency earning sector, generating more than 30,000 jobs since its boom in mid-2009. With around 1,500 seats in 47 such centres currently in operation, experts say, this sector has every potential to flourish, bagging high-end work contracts from global markets. Successes are many. So are the industry…

BPO – Next export HUB by 2020

The BACCO president said the Bangladesh government itself could become a big client for the BPO sector. “It is not about getting the business process from the foreign entities. Several services from the government have become digitised and eventually more will be so. Under the circumstances, the government can avail of the BPO industry’s services.”…

Restitution System of Call Center Industry

In modern time, technology upgrade day by day & it’s clenched our world. For the bless of technologies the intellectual’s of modern business thinkers are developed their way of business also expand their thought. Telemarketing now the most innovative and attractive business in this time and it’s done by the Call Center. It is an…

SMART Virtual Office

No one provides more value than CCBD Virtual Office in Gulshan and Banani location. Based in the heart of the Dhaka, we have attracted a client base that includes a diverse range of professions and industries, legal, telecommunications, boutique investment and training consultants to name just a few.  Click here for more

Cross-Sell / Upsell

We mirror your sales process and become an extension of your sales team. Our goal is to adapt our environment to your business model and product matrix to achieve the highest possible performance, handling every cross-sell and upsell opportunity in a way that works for your brand.

eCommerce Calls

CCBD offers E-commerce and multi-channel customer care. The human interactions that personify your brand. With three different call centres, every call we handle on behalf of your business is answered here in the Bangladesh. We do more than customer service. We deliver outstanding customer experiences that reinforce — and differentiate — your brand.


Call Center Bangladesh (CCBD) provides a near-shore “low cost” solution for your call center needs. This is not “Outsourcing”, rather your satellite facility becomes an extension of your existing operation and is managed by your team as part of the overall workforce strategy.