Connecting Clients with Our Expert Services

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, the neo-normal for office structure is setting up a virtual address to operate everything of a business. Moreover, many small and medium companies can not afford to have a huge space rented, rather can benefit from downscaling their office needs. This is possible through expert office registration providers. 

About The Client

Xiaxin is a small business that operates most of its tasks via telecommunication. They do not have to rent a huge space, as they don’t need to arrange meetings frequently. A virtual office and an ideal call center service is supposed to work for them. 

Xiaxin employs a team of communication experts to handle the communication with their clients. The company works in two more divisions and eleven zillas with people working from home and delivers their products all around the country. They have to arrange a few meetings every month that don’t require any large space.


Their telecommunication team runs shifts. This adds to the discomfort and mismanagement among the staff of the company as they have to maintain communication with the clients as well as the management and the manufacturers. They needed a solution that would be easy to manage, cost effective and faster. This would not be a transit call in any way but would build up a strong communication system. 

How We Did It

The service has provided them with a registered virtual office address where they can arrange all their meetings keeping their business private and secure. Moreover, with a trained call center service, they handle all the inbound calls from the customers without interruption. They have in-depth knowledge about the business they are handling. They depend not only on the given script but also using their knowledge, they promptly handle any query regarding the product.

Customer Remarks

“Though after learning about the way this system works, we were tense about the risks we might fall into. Now it is actually easy for us to focus on our growth, despite focusing on what’s holding us back!”

Time and information were lost in the old process and no good customer review could be expected from the service. With the provided virtual office services, we made sure to back up all the necessary data so that any sort of information would be at hand whenever needed. This process has cut down physical and financial expenses for the company.