Debt Collection

Call Center Bangladesh (CCBD) has a proven near-shore Debt Collection Center located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CCBD’s near-shore approach will allow you to establish a world-class depth collection Center with an experienced, bilingual (English/Bangla) and performance driven agent.

Ecommerce Calls

eCommerce Calls

CCBD offers E-commerce and multi-channel customer care. The human interactions that personify your brand. With three different call centres, every call we handle on behalf of your business is answered here in the Bangladesh. We do more than customer service.

Customer Care

Customer Care

Call Center Bangladesh (CCBD) provides a near-shore “low cost” solution for your call center needs. This is not “Outsourcing”, rather your satellite facility becomes an extension of your existing operation and is managed by your team as part of the overall workforce strategy.

CrossSell & Upsell

CrossSell & Upsell

We reflect your sales process and become an extension of your sales team. Our goal is to fix our environment to your business model and product matrix to gain the highest possible performance, managing every cross-sell and upsell opportunity in a way that works for your brand.

Customized Outsourcing Solutions In Bangladesh

CCBD Services provides specialized sales and service solutions geared to your unique industry. Our experienced management and technical team have over decades of experience working in the trenches of call center operations in corporations spanning financial services to retail to telecommunications. We understand the complexities of these unique business models and bring this expertise to you through our outsourcing solutions.

With four decades in the Brand Care business, CallCenter BD has the experience necessary to bring the Brand Care difference to your company, regardless to the industry. Our diverse clientele cover a broad range of industries and require an equally broad range of solutions to meet their needs. Read ahead for more information on what Global Response is doing for other companies in your field, and what we can do for you.

 9 Emerging Platforms

  • 1. Banking and Finance
  • 2. Cable
  • 3. Education
  • 4. Healthcare
  • 5. Retail
  • 6. Insurance
  • 7. eCommerce and Technical
  • 8. Telecommunications
  • 9. Travel

Proven Capabilities To Fix Challenges

We specialize in top-quality dedicated customer care, order conversion and inbound sales, technical support, customer relationship management, chat support, email response and social media. Customized integrated technology solutions, managed by our veteran technology professionals, incorporate your preferred platforms.

Sales Management
Lead Generation
Customer Care
Social Media Support
Tech Support
Telemarketing Service

We Uphold Customer’s BRAND Impression

CCBD is passionate about our clients’ brand — passionate about expressing the personality of their brand, dedicated to communicating the essence of their brand and committed to delivering a positive, lasting impression of their brand with every customer interaction.


  • Inbound & Outbound Quality Monitoring.
  • Email/Chat Quality Monitoring.
  • Verification and Agent Compliance
  • Service and Process Audits.
  • CCTV Live monitoring.

FAQ For Call Center Outsourcing Industry

How does call center outsourcing do operations ?

Call Center Outsourcing is the process of employing a call center agency to handle your customer support, sales, lead generation, or back-office processing.  In fact, you can outsource to an agency close to home or halfway around the world. Call is a consulting company that specializes in being a third party to this outsourcing process.

How can call center outsourcing support my business?

Providing assistance to your customers is often a difficult task.   Human resource & technology issues can complicate the condition even further.  In this way, outsourcing to a call center partner can often be the best way to pull in brilliant agents and upgrade to the finest technology with the flip of a switch.

What are the charges of outsourcing?

Outsourcing costs vary greatly based on the location of our partner. When you are ready to get specific outsourcing proposals for your company, please call to discuss.

However CCBD tries to follow worldwide standard for pricing structure for call center services between $1.50 to $1.75 per minute

What is the top call center locations in Bangladesh?

Dhaka, the Capital city of Bangladesh is the best and emerging location for call center in Bangladesh.

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