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Data cleansing is the act of removing wrong data from a pool of collected data. Data cleansing is very important for businesses as fake data can misdirect significant business decisions. Especially, if you collect big data, you need to cleanse them before using them for business decisions.

We, as a data science experts firm, provide you with accurate data cleansing services that help you to take appropriate decisions for your businesses. So, avail of our data cleansing services and make smarter decisions based on accurate information.

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How We Cleanse Your Data

Step 1- We Collect Data:

This is the first step in our data cleansing process. We may do it in two different ways. The first method is collecting data from your database. That means you already have collected data, we just collect it from there. The other method is collecting data from primary sources. In this method, we set up your data collection system and collect data from there.

Step 2- Analyze Data:

In this stage, we analyze the collected data. With various methods, we analyze the collected data so we can process and cleanse it efficiently afterward. The success rate of data cleansing depends on the analysis of data to some extent.

Step 3- Segment Critical Data Fields:

We segment critical data fields mainly to avoid data altercations. We segregate data from the correct data and remove data that are irrelevant. We also identify data gaps in the entire database.

Step 4- Remove Duplicate Values:

In this stage, we identify duplicate data. Inconsistent data values are identified at this stage. Then we remove those duplicate data and correct the database thereby. This stage is one of the most important ones in the process of data cleansing.

Step 5- Format Data:

Now, as we are done with removing duplicate data, we take a closer look at the existing format of the database. We ask a question, “Is it user-friendly?” And, we standardize the database to make it user-friendly for your company.

We Collect Data

Analyze Data

Segment Critical Data Fields

Remove Duplicate Values

Format Data

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Benefits of Our Data Cleansing Services

We Ensure 5 Key Qualities:

We ensure 5 key qualities of your data. These are validity, accuracy, completeness, consistency, uniformity. All these help you in your business.

Get Rid of Duplicate Records:

Through our data cleansing services, you get rid of duplicate data which can mislead you while making business decisions.

Correct Business Decisions:

As you get correct data, you can make correct business decisions. This is one of the key benefits of our services.

Increase Results:

Our data cleansing support helps you increase results and boost the results in your business.

Reduce Waste:

Our service reduces the waste in the cases of physical use of the data like printing them for marketing purposes.

Increase Efficiency:

Wrong data can kill the time of multiple departments in your company. When we cleanse data, it increases the efficiency of your employees.