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Debt Collection Services

As a result of an increasing amount of debt, many businesses around the world are facing extreme financial situations, which can have a devastating effect on them. It can be difficult and time-consuming for organizations to collect debt, thereby impeding their  business goals. A debt recovery agency can help companies with this issue. It is their highest priority to collect debt and increase business cash flow.

CCBD is a leading debt collection company with offices throughout  Bangladesh. Professional legal debt collection and litigation services for B2B and B2C businesses around the world are provided by our team.

Your business has its own priorities. Also, it has standard working hours. In such a situation, you may need to outsource some services so you can focus on your business priorities. If you are in a situation like this and looking for solutions, you are just in the right place.

We have highly skilled answering executives. We offer answering services 24/7. Our executives are awaiting your call so they can provide you with the best services.

Our Debt Collection Services

The high success rate of our debt collection team has made us a leader in the industry and one of the leading providers  of debt collection services in Bangladesh.

We ensure that our performance meets all of your needs while providing you with a wealth of industry experience. Our end-to-end debt collection outsourcing services include the following:

Data Validation and Customer Tracking Services

Businesses often have trouble locating customers or debtors whose contact information has changed or is inaccurate. The CCBD debt management system provides access to analytics-driven data that can be used to track down debtors and access online profiles of them. It is usually possible to gather critical debt collection information from the debtor’s profile, such as multiple contact points, credit scores, etc. The result is a client-focused, effective debt collection process that helps find and contact hard-to-reach debtors, thus increasing your recovery percentage and reducing costs.

Collections of Early and Late-stage Debt

If you provide us with their credit information, we can approach the debtors that have defaulted or are about to default on their payments to offer them options for credit restructuring on your behalf. As part of our collection strategy, we prioritize your most pressing concerns and focus our efforts accordingly. We focus on debtors who have the largest amount of debt and use analytics once again to figure out whether they are likely to repay their debt.

Call Center Debt Collection Services

Our call center agents have been trained extensively in debt collection procedures, and they can maintain their composure even under adverse conditions. The collection process is one of the most challenging, but our collection agents represent you to the best of their ability during the entire process. We make your call logs available at the earliest possible time, and our agents ensure that your brand value is never compromised.

We Can Reduce Your Debt Collection Costs By Saving You Time, Resources And Money

  • Commercial Third Party Collection
  • First-party collection of debts
  • Third-party collection by consumers
  • Third-party collections for commercial purposes
  • The First-Party Debt Collection Process
  • Commercial Third Party Collection

What Makes You Choose Us

Our Professional Services

Our debt collection services are high-quality, and we offer them 24X7, with the assistance of a professional and diligent team. You can easily track the progress of your case with the help of our project manager.

Increased collections

Our debt collection services result in  increased collection rates. It ensures smooth cash flow for the organization.

High Productivity

Our debt recovery services enable companies to concentrate more resources, time, and effort on achieving crucial goals. This results in accelerated growth and higher productivity.

Increasing Cash Flow

We are adept at providing debt collection services in a short time in a timely manner, which facilitates a better cash flow, which provides the business with profits.

Easily accessible 24/7

We at our debt collection agency offer the best BPO solutions 24/7 with the assistance of an energetic, professional, and results-driven team.

Maintain Positive Working Relationships

We provide industry-compliant services that are exceptional. We ensure that every customer dealing with us is cordial and positive as soon as you outsource debt collection to us.

The benefits of outsourcing debt collection services to CCBD

Our team of debt collection contact center agents is selected through a thorough hiring process and trained by experts to handle debtors.

We take a completely different approach from everyone else, and ensure that the importance of your customers is given enough to avoid diluting your brand value. Our partnership offers you several benefits, including the following:

  • An approximately 50-60% drop in delinquent rates.
  • A higher liquidation ratio.
  • A customized debt recovery plan based on the needs of your customers.
  • Better cost savings lead to higher profits.
  • Improved customer service through multi-channel channels.

We use the latest technology and analytics to optimize our call center processes.

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Professional Call Answering Service in Bangladesh

Outsource Debt Collection Services to CCBD

It is a difficult economy for some people, and many are unable to make payments for services or goods they procured in the past.

As a result of unpaid bills, businesses like yours suffer, especially with rising  overhead costs.

When it comes to an immediate, growing crisis, the debt recovery services offered by Outsource CCBD are just what you need. We not only help you cut costs and track debtors, but do so without eroding your brand value.

Contact us right away to discuss how we can assist you in regaining your pre-existing cash flow.

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