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Whether it’s home or office, the security of both spaces is important for you. Maybe you have installed a security system in your home or office or are planning to do so. But what to do next? You need a smart security monitoring system integrated with your security system. We monitor the of your home and office security very efficiently with utmost sincerity. Home and office security monitoring requires a good level of expertise and care. We possess both qualities. Our expert team will monitor your home and office and notify you immediately when a threat prompts.

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There are 6 Unique Services That We Offer For Monitoring Your Home and Office Security

Your Security is Our Priority
Virtual Security Audit

1. Virtual Security Audit:

We audit your security system virtually to find flaws in it. We extensively audit the security system and its condition and prepare comprehensive reports for you.

Alarm Monitoring

2. Alarm Monitoring:

Alarm monitoring can add some additional layer of security to your home and office security. We monitor your alarm manually and let you know about any threats immediately.

Home & Office Door Activities

3. Home & Office Door:

If you can monitor the doors, you can reduce issues in your home and office security. We carefully monitor your office and home doors and report threats.

4. Live Video Monitoring:

Remote live video monitoring is one of our core services. We monitor and detect threats in real-time and prepare actionable reports for you.

Remote Audio Monitoring

5. Remote Audio Monitoring:

Audio monitoring can save a lot for your business. It can tremendously reduce losses by theft and vandalism. We offer quality remote audio monitoring services.

Virtual Guard Tours

6. Virtual Guard Tours:

We operate virtual guard tours to find probable flaws in your security system. Our expert virtual guards will ensure effective tours to help you find the real security status.

Why Choose Us

We Strive to Provide the Best Services to Our Clients
01. Real-Time Notification:

Taking quick action is urgent in security concerns. We notify you immediately when a threat poses.

02. All-Time Monitoring:

We monitoring your properties all the time reducing the chances of flaws in the monitoring system.

03. Experienced Team:

We have an experienced team of security monitors who take care of your home or office’s security.

04. Advanced Training:

We provide our monitoring executives with advanced security training sessions so they can protect your properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included in Callcenter BD's basic home security system?

Our home security systems come with a variety of functions, but the basic features may be sufficient for your needs. Magnetic sensors are installed in all vulnerable entryways, and one or more infrared sensors detect motion inside the home. These sensors are connected to a control panel with a loud siren and a link to a monitoring firm that can dispatch emergency personnel.

What kinds of home security cameras are available to Callcenter BD?

For home protection, modern indoor/outdoor video surveillance is full color, full motion, and high quality. The best security cameras can see in the dark and adjust fast to changes in lighting. Some enable for remote monitoring and control from a smartphone or a desktop computer.

Does Your Company Inspect the Systems It Installs?

We can perform inspections of security and fire alarm systems, as well as service most security, fire alarm, camera, and access control systems.

How much do home security systems cost?

The cost of a home security system varies substantially depending on equipment, contracts, monitoring, and other considerations.

Will my pet trigger the motion detector?

Even if you share your house with pets, our home security systems can be totally functional. To begin with, a standard motion sensor will not detect a cat, dog, or anyone under the weight of 40 pounds. (Sensors with various weight settings are also available.) Second, current home security technology can tell the difference between human and animal motions.

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