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Hotline numbers can streamline your business and make it easy for callers. We can provide you a better hotline services. The callers can be anyone interested in your products or technical support services. When you set up a hotline number, you make the calling easy and intuitive. This can open the door to new opportunities for your business. You may get new customers with the help of a hotline. We provide you a better hotline services.

Our Experiences

Sales Hotline - 12 years
Employee Hotline- 10 years
Emergency Hotline - 8 years
Customer Support Hotline - 7 years

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Your business is getting visibility on so many marketing channels. It may be from the advertisement run on social media channels or any other marketing avenues. Whatever you need to ensure they get a smooth experience. They call your business for learning more about a product or service. Sales hotline comes in handy in such a case.

You cannot solely focus on acquiring new customers. Your existing customers are very important for the business even if it doesn’t work monthly. If you satisfy your existing customers with quality customer services, they will probably refer others to buy your products or services. So, implementing a customer support helpline can help you do well in your business.

Your employees are those who take your business ahead. Therefore, it’s important to communicate with them efficiently. HR, compliance, or other related departments should listen to the employees if they have any issues with anything. This will enhance employee satisfaction. We will remotely operate the employee hotline to keep your employees satisfied with your business.

It is said that the future is not 100% sure. So, any unexpected event may occur at any time. Your employees may also be in an emergency. Keeping these situations in mind, there should be an easy and instant communication system. Emergency hotlines/helplines can work well in situations like these. We will operate emergency hotlines and notify you about anything emergency.

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1. Negligible or Minimal Waiting Time for Calls:

Callers shouldn’t wait for a long time for the other end to receive the call. We respond immediately to calls and therefore your stakeholders don’t become unhappy with the late response.

2. Very Professional Service:

Professionalism is a key feature that a call center should possess. While offering hotline services to businesses, we are very professional.

3. 24/7 Hotline Services:

It’s a common nature of hotline services. They should remain active all the time. We offer 24/7 hotline services. If you have any query fell free to contact with us in our hotline number.

4. Your “Own” Hotline Numbers:

Some service providers may push their numbers which are not convenient for your business. So, we integrate hotlines within your numbers.


When urgent call information is received, how should we handle it at our end?

It is critical to set up a system that allows a responsible party to closely monitor the receipt of reports. When our hotline team receives critical information, they will call and email the designated client party. The organization must select a responsible individual to receive such information, as well as a backup in case the primary recipient is unavailable.

How Long Should Hotline Reports be Saved?

Records Retention Policy should govern the Compliance Office and Hotline Operation .

What kind of hotline operation records should be maintained by Callcenter BD?

First there should be a Hotline Call Log that includes information such as the date and time the call was received. Our Hotline Management Policies and Procedures should cover all of this.

How Does your Hotline services Work?

It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it is a confidential and anonymous way to report any wrongdoing activities at work. Please be as detailed as possible about the issue . You may provide your name or remain anonymous.

What happens when I file a report? Who sees it?

A limited group of our representatives from Risk Management & Compliance Services, the Audit Division, and the Office of the General Counsel will review all reports. This panel will evaluate whether more review is required and, if so, who is most qualified to conduct it. The report would have gone to the same department if direct methods had been employed.

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