Export Registration Certificates in Bangladesh

A business entity desirous of exporting permissible domestic goods from Bangladesh must have an Export Registration Certificate. An Export Policy Order 2015-18 represents the legal basis for this Certificate.

Documents required

1. Copy of valid trade license attested by the authority.
2. Photocopy of membership certificate from local Chamber of Commerce and Industry or relevant trade association.
3. Copies of Treasury Chalans.
4. Business partnership document (certified attested copy).
5. A company limited by guarantee (certified attested copies).
6. Document of Incorporation.
7. The articles of association.
8. Association Memorandum.

Process of Export Registration in Bangladesh

There are requirements for export licenses and registrations in Bangladesh. As an exporter, how do you get registered in Bangladesh?

How can I begin an export operation in Bangladesh? Is it possible to find the exporter status in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, how do you obtain an export license? How do I obtain certification to export to Bangladesh?

To export from Bangladesh, one must obtain an export registration from the Bangladesh government authority.Most countries require a onetime registration procedure for exporting goods and services.  If necessary, such export licenses can be obtained from the relevant government department in  Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce issues Export Registration Certificates (ERCs) to eligible persons who apply for export.

 The Office of Chief Controller of Imports and Exports (CCI&E), which represents the bulk of the ministry, performs the following functions:

1)      The issuance of an Export Registration Certificate (ERC).

2)      Issuance of the Industrial and Commercial Import Registration Certificate (IRC).

3)       Issuing an Import Permit (IP).

4)      Export Permit (EP) issuance.

5)      Registration certificate (Indenting RC).

6)       Prior permission to import.

7)      The issuance of permits related to national and international trade fairs, etc.

8)      Export and import licenses.

9)     Issuance of import-export permits.

10)     Providing explanations about Import policies.


Registration of Export Licences

To export from Bangladesh, you must apply for export registration from the Bangladesh government authority. The information provided here explains the requirements.

Online Registration

You can apply online. The first step in that case is for the applicant to open an account and submit a scanned copy of the required documents online.

Renewal of Bangladesh’s Export Registration Certificate (ERC)

A license for Emport Registration Certificate (ERC) must be renewed every year. Normally, the renewal period lasts from 1 July to 30 September every year.

Limit of time

Processing time for ERC issuance is estimated at four to five working days.

Government fees

Government fees scheduled 5,000 BDT

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