It is not necessary to receive any permission from any authority in Bangladesh to import any permissible item, though the Import Registration Certificate (IRC) or import license must be obtained for the same. Import certificates and import licences are issued in Bangladesh by the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports (CCIE), an individual organization under the Ministry of Commerce, based on the Import Policy  Order 2015-2018.

Basically, anyone wishing to import raw materials or any special items into Bangladesh must have an Import Registration Certificate (IRC) or import licence.

Documents required for getting an import license (IRC) include those listed below.

Applicants to the IRC can be divided into three categories. Documents required by applicants vary according to their type. It is necessary to submit the following documents.

Application Types

  1. Firms governed by a proprietorship or by individuals
  2. Firm in Partnership
  3. A Limited Company

The requirement to be a member of a recognized Chamber of Commerce or Trade Association should be satisfied first before applying for a IRC certificate.

  • Business Chambers.
  • The trade organization.
  • Association approved by the government. For example, a certificate from the Electric Association in the case of imports of electric products, or a certificate from the Plastics Association in the case of imports of plastics.

The membership certificate can be obtained by applying to the relevant Chamber of Commerce, Trade organization, or government-approved association.

The certificate fee and required documents are determined by the concerned Chamber or Trade  Association.

  1. Firms Governed by a Proprietorship or By Individuals
  • Official/Government Service fees
  • Original copy of the current trade license (click here to see the process for registering a trade license)
  • A copy of your most recent E-TIN (Don’t have an E-TIN? Click here for the procedure for obtaining an E-TIN)
  • Original Bank Solvency Certificate (up to date)
  • Original membership certificate (up-to-date)
  • Passport/NID/Birth Certificate
  • Photo of the applicant recently
  • Contact Information
  • Special business requires prior approval
  1. Firm in Partnership
  • Governmental/official fees
  • Original copy of current trade license (click here for instructions on how to obtain a trade license)
  • Updated E-Tin copy (don’t have an E-TIN? Click here for information on getting an E-TIN)
  • A copy of the latest Bank Solvency Certificate (original)
  • Original Certificate of Membership (up-to-date)
  • The partners’ NID, birth certificates, and passports
  • The partners in a recent photo
  • The mobile numbers of the partners
  • E-mail address
  • Deed of partnership
  • Certificate of Registration of Partnership
  • An approval letter must be obtained in special circumstances
  1. A Limited Company
  • Official/Government fees
  • Original copy of current trade license (click here for instructions on how to obtain a trade license)
  • Copy of the E-Tin (Do not have an E-TIN yet? Click here to learn how to obtain an E-TIN)
  • Original Bank Solvency Certificate (up to date)
  • Certificate of Membership (Original Copy)
  • Managing Director’s NID/passport/birth certificate
  • Photo of Managing Director
  • The mobile number of the Managing Director
  • Contact information
  • Association Memorandum
  • Documents related to the company’s registration
  • An approval letter must be obtained in special circumstances

 Service Fees

According to their annual import value ceiling, importers have been divided into six (six) categories. The initial registration fees and annual renewal fees are as follows:

Category                    Value Ceiling of               Initial Registration fees            Annual

                                    annual  import                    Annual renewal fees           renewal fees

First                               Tk. 5,00,000                             Tk. 5,000                      Tk. 3,000

Second                          Tk. 25,00,000                            Tk. 10,000                    Tk. 6,000

Third                             Tk. 50,00,000                            Tk. 18,000                    Tk. 10,000

Fourth                            Tk. 1,00,00,000                         Tk. 30,000                   Tk. 15,000

Fifth                              Tk. 5,00,00,000                          Tk. 45,000                   Tk. 22,000

Sixth                             Tk. 5,00,00,000                          Tk. 60,000                   Tk. 30,000

How to Submit the Government Fee

The registration fee, the cost of the passbook, and 15% VAT should be deposited at either the Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank, and three (3) Treasury Challans shall be collected. (Sonali bank branches should be used only where Bangladesh Bank is not available). Three copies of the Chalan Form must be filled out and paid for.

Import Registration Certificate Renewal (Bangladesh IRC License)

Generally, it is a requirement to renew the Import Registration Certificate (IRC License) every year. From 1st July to 30th September each year, you can renew.

How to Register Online

It is possible to submit the application online. As a result, the applicant would first need to open an account and then upload scanned copies of the needed documents.

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