The Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) is the tax identification number. Electronic Tax Identification Number (e-TIN) is the electronic version of a tax identification number. The only authority in Bangladesh to issue Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) is the National Board of Revenue (NBR). Tax Identification Numbers are required to file either manually or electronically with the  National Board of Revenue (NBR).

Taxes are the main source of revenue for any government. Government agencies, which are aiming to digitalize the nations, have sought to integrate tax collection process by means of Electronic Tax Identification Number (E-TIN). Bangladeshi companies and individuals consider the Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) Certificate als a very important document in this case.

According to The Income Tax Ordinance, Section 124A, if anyone uses the Tax Identification number (TIN) of another individual, or uses a fake tax identification number (TIN), the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes (DCT) could impose a fine of up to BDT 20,000.

Without reasonable cause, if the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes (DCT) or any other income tax authority authorized by the Board for this reason fails to verify the authenticity of the twelve-digit tax identification number (TIN), the person may face a fine of BDT 10,000. It is fifty thousand.

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What is the E TIN Certificate

E TIN certificates are electronic tax identification numbers. Bangladeshi people pay text depending on their yearly income. The government selects a certain income bracket every year, and if anyone falls outside that bracket, they must pay income tax.

E-Tin Certificates have been implemented in order to digitize everything. The mandatory e-tin certificate must be taken by all. So why are you late? See how you can obtain the certificate on your own schedule. Get an online e-tin certificate without suffering. You can now pay your income tax online very easily. You will need to register online for that.

An E TIN Certificate is Needed in the Following Situations:

  • Business
  • Bank account
  • Saving paper
  • DPS
  • To buy a vehicle
  • Others necessary


What are the Required Documents

The following documents or information is required to complete the application  form:

  • Applicants must provide a passport-sized photo of themselves (or a soft copy if they are applying electronically)
  • TIN and name of
  • A company (a sole proprietorship)
  • Partner (in a firm)
  • The Sponsor Directors of the company (if it is a corporation)
  • Number of incorporation/registration (as applicable)
  • (As applicable) Incorporation/registration date
  • The current address’s postcode
  • Postcode of the permanent address
  • Number on national ID/passport

What Information Will Contain in Your TIN

The TIN certificate will contain the following information:

  • TIN
  • Name
  • Father’s Name (for the individual)
  • Mother’s Name (for the individual)
  • Current address
  • Permanent address
  • The business/employer’s name (if applicable)
  • The registered office address (for the company and others)
  • (10-digit) TIN from the past (if applicable)
  • Status

The system will support you to create an online account without going to the circle office if you do not have an account to log in. Please have the following information available in order to register an online account.

  • If you are a company taxpayer, your 12-digit TIN and your incorporation number.
  • Individuals or companies with 12-digit TINs or Passport and National ID numbers must submit these documents.
  • Telephone number (automatic overload and taxpayers can change it)

A valid e-mail address (automatically loaded and changeable by the taxpayer

The total size of uploaded documents should not exceed 1MB:

  1. Scan of the TIN certificate.
  2. Scan of the National ID/Incorporation Certificate/Passport.
  3. Completing an Online Account Registration Application form and scanning it in.
  4. A recent passport-sized photograph (if you are an individual or another company taxpayer).

The First Step

You will be prompted to click on the Registrar button, at which point you will be asked to enter your User ID,  Password, Security Question, Email Address, and Mobile Number. You will receive a text message immediately.

The Second Step

Click the Activate button after typing the code found on the e-tin activation page. Click here for new TIN registrations / re-registrations. Please click on Next for all the necessary information.

You should select the appropriate taxpayer type – person, expatriate, or company – provided it is applicable. They will select New Registration if they do not have a TIN certificate, and Re-registration if they do.

Then enter the old tin number and continue. To proceed, the taxpayer must enter all the income information such as occupation, income source, and place, and then proceed to the next page. This will be followed by the creation of the e-tin.

You must verify all personal information, including name, address, national ID number, and VAT registration number (if any). The information, including the picture, along with the national ID number, are all verified automatically. Immediately after preparing the certificate, it can be printed. You can also download a PDF version or print it later.

Fees Charged by Government
The official time limit is
5 hours