How to Obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The primary source of revenue for any government is taxation. As a result, the government issues a Tax identity Number (TIN), also known as an identity number given to an individual or a business, to track tax payments made to the government. An applicant in Bangladesh can only obtain a TIN Certificate from the National Board of Revenue (NBR). In Bangladesh, a TIN Certificate can be obtained physically or electronically by submitting an application to NBR. An applicant in Bangladesh can only obtain a TIN Certificate from the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

2 Types of Tin Certificate Can Be Obtained

1. Physical Certificate 

The format and process for obtaining a physical TIN certificate may vary from one jurisdiction to another. Start by getting in touch with the tax authority or agency responsible for issuing TIN certificates in your jurisdiction. You can usually find their contact information on their official website or by contacting their customer service.

2. Electronic Certificate (E-TIN Certificate )

E-TIN was implemented by the present administration to improve the effectiveness and quality of the tax-collecting process as part of the country’s digitization effort.  All tax certificate-related provisions are included in the Tax Ordinance, 1984. Every citizen who works must obtain a TIN Certificate.

7 Necessary Documents For Obtaing a TIN Certificate

Documents needed to apply for a Bangladeshi company’s TIN. The following documents must be submitted along with the application in order to receive a Tax Identification number (TIN) number:

01. Trade License Photocopy Personal Information (If Person).

02. A copy of the company’s articles of incorporation and memorandum.

03. Certificate of Bank Solvency (If a Company or a Proprietorship).

04. Three copies of the owner’s photo (if a proprietorship).

05. Three copies of the managing director’s headshot, if applicable.

06. (If person), three copies of the photograph Entrepreneur’s National ID or passport copy and mobile phone number.

07. Date of incorporation of the business, its incorporation number, and its authorized person.

Who Is Required To Have An E-Tin Certificate? 

If one has a Tin Certificate, they may be eligible for additional benefits when using public and private offices like banks and financial organizations.

However, the following circumstances need the possession of a Tin Certificate: 

  • If a person’s total income for a tax year exceeds the maximum amount exempt from taxation under this Ordinance, they must file an income tax return. If they are paid a basic salary of BDT 16,000 per month or more in a public office, they must also have a Tin Certificate in order to do so.
  • Possesses a car, possesses a membership in a club that is VAST-registered
  • Operates any business or profession that is granted a trade license by a city corporation, a Paurashava, or a Union Parishad is registered with a recognized professional body as a doctor, dentist, lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Cost and Management Accountant, engineer, architect, or surveyor, or in any other occupation that is similar or 
  • Registered as an income tax practitioner with the Board 
  • Possesses membership in a business or trade organization or chamber of commerce 
  • Runs for a position in the City Corporation, a Paurashava, or as a Member of Parliament 
  • Participates in a tender launched by a local authority, an autonomous body, a government, or a semi-government 
  • Participates on a company’s or group of firms’ board of directors
  • Wants to purchase Savings or Prize Bonds from banks 
  • A Tin Certificate is not necessary for opening a bank account. However, there may be certain benefits of interest for obtaining a Tin Certificate  

Step By Step Process For Register Tin Certificate in Bangladesh

It is now necessary to apply online in order to receive a Tin Certificate. Anyone with a working internet connection can quickly and easily register for their very own e-Tin Certificate using a mobile device or computer. 

The steps below must be followed in order to receive an e-Tin Certificate: 


You must go to the National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh, e-Tin Registration Website to receive an e-Tin Certificate. The Home Page is seen in the picture that is attached. Then, in order to register, you must click the Register button. 

Register for e-Tin Certificate


To register, you must complete the registration form (seen in the attached image). The following information must be provided by you.

User ID Your complete name may be used, or it may be written quickly without any spaces and only capital letters, 

Please enter your password. To log into this website later, you can remember your password. 

Select a security question, then respond to it. If you forget your password, it will prompt you to try to reset it.

Nation: Bangladesh

cell phone Number: In order to finish the registration process, you must supply a valid cellphone number, to which they will send a verification code. 

Email: It’s not necessary to provide your email address. Please include your email address if you have one. 

Verification Letters: At the very end, you must write the verification letters exactly as they are in capital letters. 

TIN Registration


You will receive an activation code through text message after submitting the registration form. After entering the activation code, press the “Active” button. Your account will then be activated.

TIN Mobile Activation


Your account has been activated and is now operational. For the purpose of logging into your account, you must enter your User ID and Password (which you previously entered in step 2). 

Login For Tin Registation


You will see the same as the attached photo after logging into your account. You must click the “Click here” button to register for Tin.

logging into your account


You must now register for your Tin Certificate by entering the necessary details. You must supply the following details as follows: 

  • Customer Status: 

Person > Bangladeshi (For Individual and Personal Use) Person > Bangladeshi > Having NID 

  • Registration Type: New Registration (If this is your first time obtaining a Tin)
  • principal source of income: occupation, service, or other
  • major source of income’s location: The district where you work should be selected. Choose your specific region. 

Next, select “GO TO NEXT” from the menu. 

Registration Form


You must now provide your basic information in accordance with your NID. You must enter the following information: Name, Gender, NID Card Number, Date of Birth, Parents’ Names, Spouse’s Name, Mobile Number, Email, and Current & Permanent Address. then press the “GO TO NEXT” button. 

Basic Information


This is the step when you must review your information and determine whether it is accurate or not. You will also discover that this account will be linked to your NID Card picture and other data. If everything is accurate, submit your application by clicking on the BOX that appears.

Final Preview Form


Your e-Tin Certificate is currently available. Your electronically generated Tin Certificate can be found by selecting “View TIN Certificate” from the menu. 

e-tin registration form


Your e-Tin Certificate will look identical to the photo in the attachment. Using your phone or computer, you may download, print, and save the document. Additionally, you can mail your Tin Certificate. 

After that, whenever you need to, you can download your e-Tin Certificate using your User ID and Password to access into your account. 

However, feel free to contact us if you run into any problems or if you need any help in this respect. Our devoted service team is available to help you.

tin certificate

You receive a legitimate document with your special identification code from the organization that issues your TIN. You cannot retrieve it online since it is a sensitive piece of information. You should get in touch with the issuing organization, such the SSA, to receive your TIN again if you forget or lose your documentation.

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