Confidential & Accurate Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription is not like any other transcriptions. It comes with unmatched situations. These types of video and audio recordings may contain information that requires confidentiality. Or, these recordings may be so important that it’s related to life or multiple lives.

Moreover, these recordings come with legal terms that normal people may not understand in some cases. So, legal transcription requires additional care and expertise as well. As a professional legal transcription provider, we offer confidential services.

Confidential & Accurate Legal Transcription Services

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Our Legal Transcription Services

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Public Hearings

In the legal arena, public hearings carry a great level of importance. Different interested parties get an opportunity to learn and talk about an incident before the law authority. It may also work as an expansion and explanation of written statements. We transcribe public hearings carefully so you can utilize them when needed.

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Arbitration Hearing

In the cases of small claims trials, arbitration hearings may occur. The arbitrator, judge, or decision-maker listens to both parties. The participants present their statements and evidence in favor of their stance. We transcribe arbitration hearings and provide you with an accurate transcript so you can use them.

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Wiretap Transcription

In the legal sphere, you may use wiretaps for recording proofs and statements. These recordings are sensitive in most cases. Sometimes they contain personal information. We cover wiretap transcription services to help you in your legal cases.

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Administrative Hearings

Administrative hearings are different from procedural court hearings. This is almost an informal way. The administration judge prepares orders based on the hearings of disputable parties. These types of recordings need to be transcribed carefully. No worries. We do that professionally.

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Legal Meeting Minutes

Legal meeting minutes are very important. They convey the right information about a legal meeting. Often all parties keep a record of legal meetings for future references. We transcribe legal meeting minutes with utmost care and sincerity.

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Court Hearings

Court hearings are more formal and they contain serious information. If you have recorded court hearings and need to transcribe them, we are here to help you. We will transcribe and provide you with the usable transcript. You can use our transcript for future references.

Why Choose Our Legal Transcription Services

  • We Have Qualified Legal Transcribers:

    We have qualified legal transcribers to transcribe your recordings without making any mistakes. As they are from a legal background, they understand your cases and transcribe accordingly.

  • Long Experience:

    We are experienced in legal transcriptions. So far, we have transcribed various types of legal cases that have enhanced our expertise as legal transcribers.

  • 100% Human-Generated Transcription:

    We offer 100% human-generated transcription. It is true that you can transcribe with automated systems or software. But those may come with flaws. So, we provide you with fully human-made transcriptions.

  • Faster Transcriptions:

    Got a deadline from the legal authorities? No worries! We offer very fast transcription services to equip with proper documentation. Our experts will do the job in a very short time to help you in need.

  • We Don’t Compromise With Accuracy:

    Accuracy is crucial for legal documentation. Since we employ legal experts in legal transcription services, we can assure you of almost 100% accuracy. So, if you don’t want to worry about accuracy, get in touch with us.

  • Affordable Transcription Services:

    Affordability is one of the core strengths of our services. We provide you with a very competitive price for our legal transcription services.

No Compromise With the Accuracy

Take the Transcriptions From Our Experts