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The success of any business depends on proper planning while proper planning depends on proper market research. If you can have insightful market research, it will help you make the right decisions. We provide both qualitative and quantitative market research services. 

If you are looking for actionable market research solutions, Call Center BD is the right place for you. Our market research services cover all you need from online surveys to actionable case studies.


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We offer a full menu of market research services and deliver with top-notch quality, from cutting-edge custom online communities and panels for today’s tech-savvy consumers that help you connect with your customers in new and more relevant ways to questionnaire design, survey programming, data crunching, and reporting.

Market Research Plan & Execution

1. Market Research Plan

The effectiveness of market research depends much on the right plan and execution. We do both for you. We plan your market research projects in a practical and effective way. We accurately define the goals of market research and the key problems. Then, we analyze the problems and find the right market research method so we can meet our goals and serve our clients well on time.
Questionnaire Design

2. Questionnaire Design

The right questions help explore insights about products, services, companies, customers, etc. The type of questions also matters to explore insights. Some questions may be open-ended, some others may be close-ended. Choosing the right questions is our strength. As we have robust experiences in different industries, we can set the right question and design an effective questionnaire for you.
Online Market Survey

3. Online Market Survey

Market survey is a common method of market research. You can get answers to your critical questions through a market survey initiative. Are your customers happy with the new product? Or, what features of the competitors’ products make the buyers choose your competitors? Answers to these questions can take your business to the next level. We execute online market surveys to equip you with insights that you can utilize. 
Competitor Research

4. Competitor Research

How are your competitors doing in a certain time or situation? What is their pricing policy? These are common questions that you may want answers to. There may be hundreds of other questions to research the competitors. Whatever questions you might need to answer, we can help you do that in an effective manner. Learning more about your competitors will help you devise strategies to better compete with others in the market.
Brand Research Services

5. Brand Research Services

When you are already in the market either for some time or a long time, you need to know a lot of things about your brand. What is the brand perception of your customers or the audiences at large? How do they feel about your brand? What is the brand’s average position in the market? We can think of many such questions that are crucial for your brand. We plan and execute brand research services on your behalf. 
Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research

6. Market Research

Sometimes it becomes important to have qualitative market research while sometimes getting quantitative research becomes important. No matter what type of market research you need, we can help you in both situations. We are conversant on all types of market research methods and would like to help you with our expertise in this field. So get in touch with us today. Qualitative market research is very important.

How Successfully We Manage Market Research Projects?

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your services since we provide cost savings of up to 40% -45%, world-class quality outputs, stringent deadline adherence, and access to high-quality research and analytical specialists.

Define the Problem

1. Define the Problem

First of all, we, at Call Center BD take a closer look at the problems you are facing as a business. We analyze the dynamics of the issues that you are struggling to deal with. After requisite analysis, we define the problem that we would address with market research and subsequent stages if required to improve sales marketing.

Outline the Research Objectives

2. Outline the Research Objectives

What are we going to achieve with the market research? This question is very essential to answer. At this stage, we devise a statement of research objectives with an appropriate approach. The formation of a statement of objectives depends on the nature of the problem, the industry, and the hypothesis of the research.

Plan the Sample

3. Plan the Sample

From the total “population” we plan the sample to be collected information from. For example, we will examine if your customers are happy with the new features of one of your products. Here all customers are the population. But, it’s not viable to ask each of your thousands of customers. 

Choose a Research Method

4. Research Method

There is a good number of market research methods. Now, we will analyze the objectives of the research and choose a research method. The right method will help us explore actionable insights into the problem.

Collect Data

5. Collect Data

Now is the time to collect data from the selected sample. We’ll use the questionnaire to collect information from the participants. As the effectiveness of the research will depend so much on the quality of data.

Prepare Actionable Report

6. Prepare Actionable Report

When we are done processing and analyzing data, we prepare actionable reports. We convert complex information into readable, easy reports. These reports help you make decisions and take action.

Why You Should Outsource Market Research Services From Us?

Our customized research approach is tailored to our customers’ needs, with research parameters established prior to data collection to guarantee that our team collects only relevant information while staying within your company’s budget.

Why You Should Outsource Market Research Services From Us

1. We Have an Expert Market Research Team

As a professional service provider, we have an expert market research team. Our robust industry experience will ensure the accuracy of the findings.

2. We Use the Right Method

CATI, CAWI, in-person interviews, or whatever way you choose, you rest assured that we can help you with all of them.

3. Affordable Price

Our market research services are affordable. Since we have optimized our processes, methods, and pricing, we can perform market research at an affordable price.

4. Accurate Market Trend Analysis & Forecast

We analyze market trends with the latest tools and techniques in the sector. The trend insights and market forecast help you remain ahead of competitors.

FAQs For Market Research Services

What Is The Trustworthiness Of Market Research As a Basis For Business Decisions?

The more information you have, the more specific it is and the more current it is, the more reliable it is. It is important to understand, however, that market research can never provide a risk-free means of making business decisions. Your business is in your hands, so you may have to make unsecured decisions from time to time. It is almost certain that market research will provide you with more information and food for thought.Taking business decisions without a thorough understanding of the markets is gambling. Still, there is nothing absolute in this area, so common sense and judgement will always be your best guide.

What Is The Cost Of Market Research?

The cost of our research is time, not money. A professional survey can cost up to £1,000. There is likely to be a higher fee for conducting customer focus groups in-depth. One of the most cost-effective options is to add a few questions to an existing omnibus survey.The quality of the findings may be compromised by penny-pinching. The whole exercise could turn out to be very expensive if you end up with inaccurate answers.

What Are The Four Types Of Market Research?

Surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation are four main forms of market research procedures.

When Will I Be Able To Complete My Market Research?

Time needed for primary research, which involves asking respondents a series of questions, varies with the size of the project and the method used. If you run a survey, make sure that your minimum sample size is at least 10% of your client base.Small businesses can get useful results within a week or two. You should allow more time if you are using a market research company.It can take time to gather hard statistics. This type of research is valuable when making a large investment decision, but there is often a place for quick and dirty research that provides more emotional clues.

What Is The Greatest Benefit Of Market Research?

The most significant advantage of market research is Quantitative data allows for a thorough insight of clients. It enables marketers to comprehend how people interact with a product. Marketers may build goods that answer to customers’ wants, needs, and motivations by really knowing their wants, needs, and motivations.

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