Highest- Quality Media Transcription Services

Media transcription is a distinct type of transcription service. You may need to transcribe what has been said by someone on the television, or somewhere else. Or sometimes you may need to transcribe the actions shown in media footage. Whatever your requirement is, Call Center BD is here to help you with quality media transcription services, which are fast and highly reliable.

High quality media transcription service

Our Experienced Transcribers Cover 4 Medias For you

  • 1. Television Transcription:

    Videos that are taken from television programs can say a lot about your business. If you have recorded such video footage, send it to us and get it transcribed within a short time.

  • 2. Documentary Transcription:

    Documentaries carry much importance for your business. If you need to get documentaries to be transcribed, take our help today.

  • 3. Radio & Podcast Transcription:

    Our media transcription service covers radio transcription and podcast transcriptions. Send your radio or podcast records to us and get them transcribed as fast as you need.

  • 4. YouTube Video Transcription:

    YouTube is the top video streaming site. If you need YouTube videos to be transcribed, contact us for quick transcription.

Ease Your Workload with our 4 Exclusive Media Transcribed Services

1. Human-Generated Media Transcription:

Our media transcription service is 100% human-run. We have experts who can transcribe your media files as fast as you need.

2. Accuracy is Our Priority:

Whatever purpose you will use the transcript for, we maintain a high level of accuracy while transcribing your media documents.

3. Affordable Media Transcription Services:

If you want to save money by availing of affordable media transcription services, we have got you covered. You don’t need to spend so much of your bucks on media transcription services.

4. Experienced in Media Transcription:

If you need to outsource media transcription services to an experienced firm, you are just in the right place. We have experience in transcribing various types of media documents.

FAQ For Media Transcription Services

How will the media transcribed files be sent back to me?

We can either email the transcribed files to you. Moreover, we can upload the transcribed files on our secure FTP, from where you can download the files.

What is your turnaround time for media transcription services?

Our swift turnaround time makes us different from our competitors. When you outsource transcription services to CCBD Solutions, you can be assured that your services will be delivered to you in advance of your schedule. Based on the recording and speech quality of your audio/video files, the full process will take approximately take between 7 to 10 hours to complete the transcription process. Moreover, the quality checking procedure will take a further one hour.

Do you have Quality Assurance processes?

Once the audio/video files are transcribed, the files are checked for quality and accuracy. Our company offers certified proofreaders who check the transcribed files for errors. Our stringent Quality Assurance process guarantees that we provide our customers with transcribed files that are accurate.

Do you sign confidentiality agreements?

Yes. At the onset of every project of CCBD, our company signs confidentiality agreements such as the non-disclosure agreements (NDA), service level agreements (SLA), and any other confidentiality agreement that you would prefer to select. Choose CCBD Solutions as your partner and stay confident about the security and privacy of your valuable information.

What are the cost structures of your Media transcription services?

CCBD tries to follow worldwide standard rates for medical transcription like $1.50 to $3.50 audio per min.

However we set a price structure based on per minute or per hour basis. You can select to either pay for every minute or for every hour. After communicating with our good company, we can discuss the pricing structure in more detail.

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