Prevent and Protect Your Area Under CCTV Camera

Analyze & Control Remote Movements

Real-time IVR / DVR Video Surveillance:  Manually monitoring your IT systems is tiring right? Our remote monitoring services help you to control and manage your internal IT networks. It makes you feel safer and saves your time. We provide the best remote monitoring services in Bangladesh. Our modern software systems and experienced professionals give us the confidence to say that. So why not take the service from the best Video Surveillance.

Commercial CCTV MonitoringResidential CCTV Monitoring
Prevent and Protect Your Area Under CCTV Camera

Secure Your Commercial Area With High Quality Video Surveillance

Monitoring the Devices

After creating your network, you can easily monitor all your IT activities. Your office might use multiple types of devices like mobile phones, laptops, CC-TV and what not. Our smart networking system creates smart coordination between the devices and lets you monitor all of your internal activities and communications.

Creating Internal Networks

To monitor the devices used in an office, you have to create a network between them. Isn’t it very obvious? Our remote monitoring services help you create an easy but strong network between all your IT devices. This initial service will make the following services smoother and more effective.

Monitoring Third Party Communications

Like every other company you constantly have to communicate with other parties like your clients and investors. Our service also allows you to monitor the communications between them and your employees. This gives you a lot of control over crucial situations.

Video Surveillance

Best-In-Class 6 CCTV Security Surveillance Solutions

1. Easy to Install

No matter how standard a remote monitoring system might be, if it makes life difficult it is not good. Our remote monitoring services are very easy to install. We also help you to install.

2. Simple to Use

You can easily monitor all the office devices from your mobile, laptop or desktop whatever you are comfortable with. It is our mission to make our clients lives  comfortable.

3. We are Affordable

We always keep our services cost effective. You can easily afford our services and also get the maximum quality from us. In short, you are winning.

4. We Provide Maximum Security

Our remote monitoring system creates strong networks that are almost impossible to hack. For your maximum security we are there for you.

5. We are One Call Away

We take our clients very seriously. As a result, if you call us aor contact us by any other medium, you will definitely get a quick response. 

6. We provide Complete Solution

From the basic setup to advance level tracking and automation, our remote monitoring services provide you with everything. This clearly differentiate us from our competitors.

FAQ For Video Surveillance Or CCTV Camera Monitoring System 

What is our warranty and replacement policy?

We provide 2 years warranty period for the devices. Moreover the standard Warranty Period for consumable parts such as a power cord/data cable and support is 3 months.

Video Surveillance Devices will be replaced with some conditions within 90 days starting from the date of the actual official invoice and it should be replaced with a new device.

Can I also use the surveillance camera at dark or night-time?

Good video cameras have an automatic switching function that turns from color to black/white mode. When the light intensity falls beneath a certain value, the camera switches over automatically facilitating it to take video pictures even in the dark.

What are the benefits of auto-iris lenses?

If you have constantly changing light conditions, use an auto-iris lens because it adjusts the iris automatically to light conditions. Moreover, it assurances optimally exposed pictures.

What is role of network camera to improve service?

Network cameras are also known as “IP cameras” which transfer the image data straightway into the network and are controlled directly via a network address (IP address).

Secure And Enhance Your Security By Integrating With Smart System