Security Monitoring Services: Our Top Priority Is To Keep Your Business Safe

We use our industry knowledge to help our customers choose the best combination of security monitoring systems and manpower.

We make certain that you and your possessions are safe. We defend people and property in areas like entertainment events, shopping malls, and hospitals. Some of the security monitoring services we provide include manned guards, alarm monitoring and response, CCTV and intruder alarm systems, remote monitoring, event stewarding and security, and car park management.

We provide you with 360-degree security monitoring services to help you take complete control of your security systems. With our security monitoring services, you can keep an eye on all the potential threats and take necessary actions immediately as and when it happens with all-day technical support.

Benefits of Our Sales Outsourcing Solutions

Proven Repeatable Process

Our S.O.L.D.™ Methodology is a proven and repeatable process for companies of all sizes in all industries. Senior executives and program managers with industry experience and knowledge build and manage your dedicated sales team.

High Level of Expertise

Sales and marketing are our core competencies, but we also have a strong focus on recruiting and management. Letting us focus on your sales processes gives you and your team the time and energy you need to do what you do best in your industry.

Speed to Market

We guarantee that we can launch any size sales team anywhere in the United States within any industry in 45 days of less. The onboarding and managing process quickly adapts to your business goals and objectives.

Cost Saving

You’ll have more control over variable expenses like insurance, overhead, human resources, etc. Outsourcing to us reduces or completely eliminates the cost of personnel, equipment, and infrastructure.

Scalable Solutions

We can adapt your dedicated sales team depending on market conditions and your current revenue goals. You’ll receive marketing services that are optimized to campaign results and bring in qualified lead generation.

Employee Transition

We recruit and train your sales team and position them for long-term development and success. You also have the option of acquiring the sales team we built for you after 12 months with us and transitioning them into your company as your employee(s).

Increase Market Share

Our sales outsourcing services help you find and reach new and underserved markets. Businesses often find it challenging to have enough sales personnel to cover various territories and branch out into new ones. We can quickly build a sales team of any size anywhere in the world. If you are an international company looking to enter the United States market.

Remove Technological Restraints

Working with us gives your business access to the latest tools and equipment without having to purchase them. This will help your company get ahead of the competition and keep up with the latest business trends.

Brand Protection

Your sales team will be full-time, W-2 employees of Sales Focus but will be dedicated to your company’s success and will only present themselves as your brand to your customers. Your sales team will be full-time, W-2 employees of Sales Focus but will be dedicated to your company’s success and will only present themselves as your brand to your customers.

Types of Sales Outsourcing We Offer

Outside Sales

Outside sales refers to face-to-face sales with customers. This means outside sales representatives meet directly with prospects in an in-person sales approach.

Inside Sales

Inside sales, also known as virtual sales, is when a sales team does all its selling via electronics. They use phone calls, video calls, emails, webinars, etc.

International Sales

International sales outsourcing is a strategic business decision that can help companies expand their global reach, increase revenue streams, and enter the United States market.

Co-Source Sales

Co-sourcing offers the option of keeping your existing sales agents and having them managed by our outside firm of sales experts. Contact us for sales.

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Top-notch 6 Business Process Outsourcing Company in Bangladesh

Business Process Outsourcing service offerings including finance & accounting, human resource, analytics, banking services, contact center and etc. we offer more than just telemarketing services. Instead, Digital Minds focuses on providing comprehensive solutions to B2B and B2C business owners. As well as partnering directly with our clients to tackle those necessary but repetitive tasks that help small and mid-sized businesses grow.

1. Data Entry

Data entry is a repetitive task and seems boring for many as it takes too long of a business. We dedicated to help you with this.

2. Customer Support

Want to keep your customers happy with outstanding customer support? Our support executives ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Marketing

If you are looking for a skilled marketing team, we are here to help you. Take help of our online and off line marketing specialists.

4. Human Resources

Human resources are crucial for any business organization. Let’s connect you with the top human resource professional at Call Center.

5. Finance & Accounting

Finance and accounting is a popular Business Process Outsourcing service. If you need finance and accounting solutions, you are just in the right place.

6. Help Desk Support

Compared to typical help desk support, We provide comprehensive remote Help-Desk services more professional & instant support.

Our Business Process Outsourcing Includes:

BPO services

IT Enabled Services (ITES):

We have robust solutions to your ITES requirements. If you are an information technology enable service provider, you can minimize your cost with our affordable services.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO):

Do you need knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)? We are a team of experts with specialization in diverse fields. Consider us for finance, marketing, or anything.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO):

We have an experienced team of lawyers who can help you with any corporate legal situations. Whether it’s about drafting a patent application, or performing legal research, we can do it.

Research Process Outsourcing (RPO):

Do you need help with research process outsourcing RPO? We have capable research executives who can help you make decisions with quality research.

FAQs For BPO- Business Process Outsourcing Services

How does outsourcing reduce business costs?

A few market factors in the Bangladesh, remembering the new increment for the lowest pay permit by law. The increasing expense of framework and the steadily changing interest for new innovation. High quality benefit of outsourcing more unmistakable than any other time in recent memory.

How else can outsourcing benefit my business?

In addition to saving you money, outsourcing will also free up time. Which you can use to concentrate on growing and improving your company. A corporate chief’s time is best spent creating methodologies in center business regions, not agonizing over. The everyday exercises that keep the business running.

Outsourcing Benefit

Outsourcing saves time for the chiefs, however it saves time generally. Call Center BD representatives are specialists in their separate regions and can deal with projects more proficiently. And adequately than an inner worker with restrict preparing and absence of admittance to modern innovation.

For what reason would it be advisable for me to trust Call Center BD with my business needs?

Very much like you are a specialist in your industry, Call Center BD hires and trains specialists in the functional cycles that will further develop your business results. Call Center BD has helped complex associations upgrade proficiency, further develop client connections and decrease costs for almost 20 years. In Call Center BD not just dominates at advancing activities and accomplishing results for our customers. We have won various honors for our positive working environment.

What kind of employee does Call Center BD worker?

Call Center BD as of now has in excess of 1,000 staff individuals and has the ability to recruit 1,500 workers altogether. These representatives have predominant English talking abilities and practically the entirety of the specialists can communicate in English at a local level.

Would business process outsourcing work for me if my business is large or small?

Process outsourcing gives advantages to a business of any size. For a private venture, BPO diminishes overhead, which brings about expanded income for functional development. It likewise considers adaptability and decreases hazard as business destinations change.

While rethinking has profit new businesses it has additionally been carry out by Fortune 500 organizations. BPO can profit huge organizations during seasons of huge change or quick development.

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