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In course of time, businesses receive an increased number of calls everyday. And, it becomes challenging to handle each call without an effective system. Here comes the benefits of our smart call forwarding service. Now you don’t have to miss a single call. 

After robust analysis, we forward your calls to the right executives so they can provide the customers with the right services. It helps your retain customers as the service ensures customer satisfaction. Also, it increases the number of sales since it forward sales calls to the right salesperson.

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Missing Calls Means Missing Opportunities

Missing calls means missing opportunities. As a smart business, you never would like to miss opportunities. Our call forwarding services ensure that you don’t miss any more opportunities from calls.

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Messing/Calls Means Customer Discontent

You never would like to dissatisfy your customers. But messing up with calls can easily  lead to customer dissatisfaction whereas smart call forwarding service can help you handle each call with proper care.

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4 Benefits Of Our Call & Voice Mail Forwarding Services

Forward to Multiple Executives

1.Forward to Multiple Executives

Some salespeople of customer support executives may be busy while others may be available. We can forward calls to multiple executives at the same time to ensure that every call is answered.
Custom Scheduled Forwarding

2. Custom Scheduled Forwarding

Certain executives may be available at certain times. Additinaly we can set up call forwarding based on the time of the day so only your available executives will answer them. We are best for voice mail forwarding services.
Localization of Phone Numbers

3.Localization of Phone Numbers

People prefer to call numbers with a local appearance. Therefore, we set up localization in your incoming phones so people see a local number from their country.
Redirect Calls of Certain Type to Automated Answers

4. Redirect Calls of Certain Type to Automated Answers

Some phones may be used specifically for answering commonly/frequently asked questions. We will forward these phones to automated answers.

FAQ For Phone & Voice Mail Forwarding Services

How to set up Call Forwarding?

With Call Forwarding, you can forward your phone calls or voice mails to another phone number, including another mobile phone or a landline phone and home or office number.

How do we plan Call Forwarding cost?

There is no monthly payment for a phone call or voicemail forwarding on most plans. However, a fee may apply on some older plans.

Are there any restrictions in Bangladesh on what number I can forward calls to?

This means you have or want to own a Bangladesh phone number. After that wishes to have the Bangladesh calls divert to another country or forwarded to an International number.

I activated Call Forwarding on my phone but why are people getting a busy ring tone when they call me?

If callers are receiving a busy tone, you may need to find out that the call was forwarded to the correct phone number or not. Sometimes more buttons are pressed while setting up phone Calls or voicemail Forwarding. If that occurs, the number won’t be recognized.

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