Outsource eCommerce Customer Service.

With the advancement of technology and increased use of the internet, eCommerce is growing in every corner of the world. Retail and eCommerce businesses have their distinction in terms of operations, supply chain, marketing, internal communication etc. 

We offer retail and eCommerce services around the world. Requirements may be varied. We cover all types of eCommerce and retail businesses. From product information management to SKU data management- we render full-service eCommerce services.

Outsource Offshore Information Technology Services.

Catalog Data Entry, eCommerce Management Services

We Manage Your Catalogues:

Maintaining catalogues is very important for eCommerce businesses. It helps you know the latest updates very quickly. Without a cataloguing system integrated, you will struggle to track updates. We maintain your catalogues to help you track updates instantly. 

Managing and Entry of Data: 

So many customers are buying from your retail outlet or eCommerce business. If you can’t manage the data of the customers in a fruitful manner, you will lose the opportunity of proper analysis, further marketing, etc. So, we help you manage all data. 

We Manage Product Information:

As an eCommerce business you work with so many products everyday. And, while doing so, you have to maintain information about so many products. We manage this information smartly with our product information management system.

Product Upload:

Uploading products to your website takes a long time. This repetitive task kills your time and efforts that you can use in priority areas. We upload your product information to the website removing your hassles to do so. 

Customer Service:

Not all customers will just buy and go away. Some will get back to you over the phone to talk about issues. These customers need to be handled properly to maintain the reputation of your business. We do that in a very effective manner. 

Automation Services:

You may need automation services at any stage of your retail or eCommerce business. We will automate processes so it becomes super easy to maintain operations. Our long years of experience enables us to develop the right automation for your business.