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Security Monitoring

We use our industry knowledge to help our customers choose the best combination of security monitoring systems and manpower.

We make Security Monitoring certain that you and your possessions are safe. We defend people and property in areas like entertainment events, shopping malls, and hospitals. Some of the security monitoring services we provide include manned guards, alarm monitoring and response, CCTV and intruder alarm systems, remote monitoring, event stewarding and security, and car park management.

We provide you with 360-degree security monitoring services to help you take complete control of your security systems. With our security monitoring services, you can keep an eye on all the potential threats and take necessary actions immediately as and when it happens with all-day technical support.

Security Monitoring

We Offer 4 Beneficial Monitoring Services For Enhancing Security

We offer customized security systems that we install, manage, and monitor. We offer cutting-edge CCTV systems with an emphasis on remote network access.

1. Remote Live Video Monitoring:

We monitor all your security cameras in real-time so you don’t have to wait for the report. We report to you as and when a threat poses so you can take actions if necessary. We help you dispatch the right force to take action.

2. Remote Audio Monitoring:

Audio receiving devices may be integrated with security cameras. Audio receiving devices help you further strengthen the overall security system. We monitor audio activities and notify you about any potential threats.

3. Security Alarm Monitoring:

Security alarms are effective tools in maintaining the security of properties and resources. If you have installed security alarms, let us monitor them in real-time and we will let you know whenever something happens.

4. Virtual Guard Tours:

Virtual guard tours are effective for generating quick security reports. Virtual guard tours take less time compared to physical tours. So, you will get quick information about the security status of your office space or home.
Audio & Video Monitoring

Why We Are Different In Providing Security Monitoring Services?

To build a customized solution for you, we conduct a complete risk assessment. On-site training is also available.


24/7 Live Monitoring:

24/7 Live Monitoring provides round-the-clock surveillance and response, ensuring safety, security, and immediate action in critical situations for continuous protection.


Expert Monitoring Executives:

We have the best-in-class expert monitoring executives who monitor the security of your properties very efficiently removing your worries about what’s happening in your spaces.


Real-Time Notification:

Under our security monitoring services, you get real-time notifications from our team just when a threat triggers. It enables you to take immediate actions and reduce loss.


A Systematic Approach

A Systematic Approach prioritizes organized, step-by-step processes for solving problems or completing tasks, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in reaching desired outcomes.

FAQ For Security Monitoring System

How long has Callcenter BD been in business? Why should I choose Callcenter BD?

Our owner and director have over 25 years of expertise in the local market, and Callcenter has been in business for 15 years. We have installed and monitored hundreds of home and commercial security systems, offering state-of-the-art security systems to our customers, and we only hire licensed and qualified tradespeople and security experts.

How do your security systems protect against fire and floods?

Some home security systems defend against environmental calamities by detecting heat, smoke, and moisture, in addition to intruders. Fire and water damage can be prevented or minimized with the use of alarms and SMS alerts.

Do I need to sign a long contract for security monitoring?

No. We don’t demand a long-term contract and can work on a month-to-month basis. The user either buys the company’s equipment up front or utilizes suitable equipment they already have for month-to-month monitoring. When long-term contracts are involved, corporations may loan the user equipment, replace it as needed for the duration of the contract, and never collect an equipment cost.

How much does it cost of security system in callcenter BD?

The cost of a home security system varies substantially depending on equipment, contracts, monitoring, and other considerations.

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