Live Security Video Monitoring Services

Smart cameras and smart monitoring- both are equally important for the security of your resources. It’s meaningless to set up strong cameras without implementing a strong monitoring system. Call Center BD provides human-rendered live security video monitoring/surveillance services.

We have smart software integrated with the whole system so we can instantly inform the right authority about any threats for taking action. The system enables you to keep your resources safe from any potential threats.

CCTV, DVR, IVR NVR and Video Surveillance Solutions.

Hire the Experts and Outsource Integrated Security and Surveillance Services. 

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Remote Video Surveillance Services

Live Video Surveillance:

Security system requires instant actions as and when some threats pose. There’s no scope for delay in taking action. So, all your cameras need to be monitored in real-time. We offer live remote video surveillance services to keep your properties safe.

Home Video Monitoring:

Home cameras need to monitor with some special care. We offer careful home video monitoring services with a view to keeping your home safe and secure. We will integrate a smart system and let you know instantly when some threats pose.

Office Surveillance:

Monitoring your office cameras is crucial. While you can do it in-house, you also can outsource this service from Call Center BD and reduce the operational cost. Since we are experts in this field, you can remain worry-free about your office’s security.

Event-Based Monitoring:

Planning to arrange an event? It may be a corporate event or any other type of event, you should need to monitor its surveillance. We have expertise in event-based video surveillance.

Business Operations Monitoring:

You may want to monitor your business operations so you can prepare reports and take a look into the insights. This way you can improve the business operations. Your business can be benefited in many ways if you monitor your business operations.

Human-Rendered Video Monitoring:

While automated systems can monitor videos and let you know about threats, humans can do it better. Therefore, you should not keep any stone untouched in your security system. Take our human-catered video surveillance services and stay secure.

Outsource Remote DVR, NVR, and IVR or Cloud Video Monitoring Services.

Very Experienced Team:

We are an experienced team who carefully monitors your office, home, or events and notify you immediately when something triggers.

Integrated With Smart System:

Our video surveillance service is integrated with a smart system that allows you to learn immediately when something happens and take necessary actions.

Live Reporting System:

We will report in real-time. So, whatever occurs, if we find it to be a potential threat, we will let you know in real-time.

Includes Snapshots and Video Clips:

When we let you know about potential threats, we include snapshots and video clips so you can better understand the situation.

CCTV and HD Closed Circuit Video Tracking

Security, Safety, and Remote video monitoring company

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