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You have  big dream for your company. Easy but detailed financial analysis help you to know if you are on the way to catch your dream. We are here to helps you exactly with this. We will keep record of your each & every transactions & break down detailed analysis of your financial situations. There are many & more ways we help to you, Keep on reading.

Proven 6 Offshore Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services:

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

It is obvious, right? It is our fundamental job to keep a record of each and every transaction. We keep a record of your transactions on a monthly basis. You don’t need to worry about bank reconciliation. It is included in our monthly service and we also break down your yearly transactions and provide a monthly breakdown. At the point when you were the proprietor of a more modest business, month to month accounting might have been all you needed to keep exact monetary records and projections.

Detailed Financial Statements

We create detailed financial statement that can pictures your financial situations. The report include your income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statement, statement of shareholder’ equity. We also prioritize making these are report easy to understand. To get detailed but easy analysis, you must take our service. personalized service and guidance in a wide range of financial & business need.

Financial Statement

We also provide financial auditing. You might want to do bookkeeping on your own. In that cases, you may need to do an audit of your financial statement. With our financial audit, we will objectively examine your financial statements to see if the statement is accurate & fair. It is better to get an audit from us as it will save you from many trouble.It is play a critical role in business.

Financial Analysis

A detailed financial statement will just give you the detail of your financial situation but with our full financial analysis, we will analyze each & everything about your company. We will break down what is causing you the most expensive if your cash flows is okay or not. If your asset to debt ratio is fine or poor & whatever you name it, we go very deep into analyzing your situations. Get touch with us.

Planning & Preparation

Tax is a very sensitive & crucial part of your business. It take a lot of planning & preparation. We have a whole departments of accountants & lawyers who are dedicated to help you with your tax related activities. We will provide you with proper tax plan and prepare your tax statement in accounting, bookkeeping services.

Investment Consultancy

You already know how important investment decision are. These decisions can be stressful to make & one wrong investment decision can creates a lot of trouble for your company. We have been consulting companies with their investments decision successfully for a long time. Let our expert help you.

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions​

1. Financial Accounting

This accounting format deal with the summary, analysis, preparation of financial statement & reporting of financial transaction for a business. Providing accounting and financial services to an international clients is not that easy. Different bookkeeping systems and laws make it really hard. Our expert have been managing international client for their whole career.

2. Accounts Payable Services

Get our expert who are proficient in preparing daily/weekly/biweekly report for accounts payable so that you never breach payment terms with your client. Our high quality services does not come with a high price. We are affordable and most of our client can easily afford us and so can you. Get the best services for the perfect price.

3. Accounts Receivable

Accounting and finance is a sector that keep evolving. Con station learning is required to keep up with the time. Get our dedicated team who make sure you receive money from your debtors in time and thus keeping the cash flow moving. Our dedicated expert are serious about learning and that is what made them an experts.

4. Public Accountants

CCBD's accountants are CPAs who stay up-to-date with the ever evolving taxes codes and listening to our clients is something that we take very seriously. We ensure your accounting is flawless, while savings you up to 60% of what you would pay for a full or part-time accountant salary. This savings doesn’t include the full cost of the technology, facility cost, employee benefits. Our cost are inclusive & billed as a flat hourly rate for the hour worked each month.

5. Tax Accounting Srervices

Preparation of regular taxes, sales tax and various other return called tax accounting need expert to execute it. This is sets of accounting principles that govern the taxes of company which is enforced by the law & different from general accounting principles. We respect our client valuable time. As result, we deliver client works on deadline and sometime even earlier. We are on time for the meetings as well.

6. Reporting & Invoice

Our highly skilled Bookkeepers develop custom report that meet your business and we also offer offer invoice processing services to business of all size. Good cash flow management can improve a company liquidity. reduce costs and increase profitability. You can also outsource filing of payroll tax, calculate & record deductions or other employee benefits.

FAQs For Accounting, Bookeeping Services

In opposition to prevalent thinking, bookkeepers and accountants perform unmistakably various undertakings for the organizations they serve. Accountants are answerable for on-going upkeep of their customers’ overall records. A clerk’s normal duties comprise of:

Gathering information consistently

Ordering costs in the overall record

Exploring the overall record for exactness

Accommodating bank proclamations against the overall record

Producing budget summaries

CCBD offers the accompanying types of assistance:

Cash in/income compromise – Recording stores, coordinating with installments to debt claims, capital administration

Cost the executives – Expenses order, creditor liabilities, receipt and mileage following

Bill installment – Online bill installment, report stockpiling

Finance administrations – Payroll programming arrangement, compromise

Monetary detailing – Producing/exploring budget reports from GL (for example Pay Statement, Balance Sheet)

CCBD serves little and medium-sized organizations, all things considered, however we are most popular for our mastery in these four businesses:

Proficient administrations – Real home specialists, protection specialists, monetary guides and that’s just the beginning

Home help workers for hire – HVAC professionals, handymen, electrical technicians, painters and the sky is the limit from there

Wellbeing and health – Gyms, salons, spas, dental specialists and that’s just the beginning

Eateries – Quick-administration cafés, fancy cafés, bistros, caterers, forte food suppliers and that’s just the beginning

Independent companies at this point don’t have to work with a nearby accountant. The web and cloud innovation makes it simple for accountants to safely get to their customers books whenever, anyplace. Entrepreneurs would now be able to choose an accountant who really comprehends their industry and tasks, rather than employing the nearby, local area clerk as a matter of course.

No, we’ll incorporate tidy up for you as a feature of our work gauge. Your CCBD group of monetary experts will arrangement your industry-explicit general record in the cloud bookkeeping arrangement that best meets your requirements.

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