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Offshore Information Technology Solutions at the very beginning of the advancement, only technology based companies needed IT experts. In course of time, all types of businesses need IT services. As a matter of fact, also a business can’t progress without the integration of modern offshore information technology solutions. So, no matter what type of company you are operating, also you need IT services to make it progress. As a professional service provider, and also we offer quality IT services across the world. Our expert team ensures that we meet all your IT requirements completely.

World Class 6 Offshore Outsourcing Consultancy Services

Apps Development

1. Apps Development

We develop mobile apps and web applications. Our software development team has been creating user-friendly mobile apps and also web applications for a long time.

Database Development

2. Database Development

We develop effective databases based on your specific requirements. So, if you are in  need of developing databases, get in touch with us soon.

Web Design

3. Web Design

Designing websites is a passion among us. We design excellent websites that attract visitors and also convert them into your paying customers. Get in touch with us.

Website Development

4. Website Development

We develop usable, user-friendly, and also feature-rich websites reflecting all your requirements. We analyze your business requirements then develop a website.

IT-Enabled Marketing

5. IT-Enabled Marketing

We also offer IT-enabled online marketing services to our clients. From social media marketing to advanced SEO, also you can take any online marketing services from us.

Website Management

6. Website Management

Websites may make you suffer from various issues if you don’t manage them properly. and also we manage all your websites ensuring optimum service uptime.

Latest Offshore Outsourcing Risk Management We Offer

Cybersecurity Services:

Maintaining cyber security is very important for any business. A single mistakes can cost you a lot. We protect your cyber resource from any threat.

VoIP Services:

We give you with modern VoIP service. Start benefiting from smart VoIP system set up by our expert.

Latest Offshore Outsourcing Risk Management We Offer
Remote server and network monitoring services

Why Choose Our IT Services

Attention to Detail Approach:

We have adopted an approach of attention to detail. And we take care of every single aspect of an IT project so you don’t need to worry about potential errors.

We are Industry Experts:

We are a team of industry experts. As you are taking services from the right experts, hence you can rest assured about the quality of our IT services.

Affordable Services:

We provide you IT services at a very competitive price. Long years of experience in providing IT services has enabled us to reduce service cost.

Faster Service and On-Time Completion:

Through years of fine-tuning, and also we have developed a methodical process of developing software. As we work under this process, we can develop software faster than others.

FAQs For Offshore IT Services

If I Hire a Developer Full Time for My Project, Will the Developer Work Dedicatedly on My Tasks?

A dedicated development group fills in as an independent application, guaranteeing convenient conveyance, and also great items. Offshore application designers also who work all day for you are exclusively committed to your organization. They put their full time and also energy in your organization and have depended interest in the positive yield.

Is it true that most development projects are being pushed offshore to save costs?

While cost investment funds were the essential explanation organizations outsourced offshore in the mid 1990’s, lately needs have been evolving. Table 1 underneath shows top 10 purposes behind Offshore Information Technology Solutions outsourcing as per the International Outsourcing Study finished also by Colorado Institute of Technology in November 2004. Hence Qualities displayed in the table 1 beneath is the level of respondents. who picked certain explanation as having key significance for their choice to outsourcing.

Why Should I Outsource My IT Operations?

Functional expense holds a significant segment of costs of doing business also. IT activities as a rule require greater allocation of assets. Reducing down on functional expenses will straightforwardly affect productivity also. Outsourcing IT activities works on the productivity of the business by lessening and also controlling the expense.

Would you be able to set up a dedicated development group for us in Bangladesh?

Offshore Information Technology Solutions

In the event that you anticipate a consistent progression of work utilizing steady programming dialects and working frameworks for the time of one year or more, it very well might be smart thought to have CCBD set up a Offshore Information Technology Solutions group dedicated solely to your organization. Required number of designers isn’t significant – the size of your group might begin even from one architect. Your will have a chance to deal with crafted by your colleagues as though they were your own workers.

Who Will Own the Source Code Produced by the Offshore Development Team?

According to the standard, the source code has a place with the Client. Be that as it may, the customer can alter this standard by consenting to an arrangement with the Solutions organization where the customer lets the outsource keep the code. In such a plan, the customer gets a decent markdown, and also the outsourcing organization gets the option to reprocess the code in different activities.

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