Order Entry and Management Services From Bangladesh

Managing orders is a very complex job if you are receiving so many orders every day. If you want to manage all these orders in-house, what will happen? Nothing! You can do it in-house for sure. But it will cost you so much effort to manage these order entries. 

Rather, you can outsource order management services from an expert team. Here comes the benefits of our outstanding services. We offer quality order entry and management services to clients around the world. So, wherever you are from, you can take our order management services. 

We Offer End-to-End Order Management Services

Order Taking on the Phone: 

We take orders on the phone. It can be done in 2 different ways. Either we can call the prospective customers or they can call us for ordering. Whatever happens, we take the orders efficiently. 

Order Taking on Web Chat:

You might have a live chat set up on your website. We will directly chat with the potential customers and take their orders properly. So, no visitor will have an issue in order on your website. 

Order Taking on the Email/Web Form: 

This is an optimized option to receive orders. But this is not applicable to all types of businesses. If your business category matches, we will set up email and web forms for receiving orders. 

Customer Query Resolution: 

Your customers might have questions while ordering on the website or outside it. You need to answer their queries as soon as possible to ensure conversion. We can do that efficiently. Let’s talk about your requirements today. 

Return and Refund: 

There may arise many types of cases. We handle them properly for your business. Return and refund are common scenarios in the product business. So, you can appoint us for managing returns and refunds. 

Order Validation: 

Validating an order becomes very important in some cases. We validate every single order based on your requirements. This service ensures that the right people are ordering your products or services. 

Order Data Entry: 

Entering the data in the right database is significant. If you don’t keep the data in the right place, you can’t use them in the future. So, we put your data in the right database with our data entry services. 

Customer Verification: 

There are some situations when you may need to verify the customers. If you are in such a situation, hire us today. We will verify your customers so you can decide whether you can deal with them in due or not or take other decisions.

Start Managing Orders Smartly With Us

Typical Applications

  • Technical Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product Assistance
  • Program Enrollment
  • Order Entry
  • Return Processing
  • Customer Follow Up
  • Help Desk

Service you’ll Enjoy :

  • Unmatched Scalability
  • Award-winning distance learning
  • Best talent – anywhere, anytime
  • Performance-based model
  • Industry-leading security
  • Customer Service Interactions
  • Outbound Services
  • Inbound Sales Interactions
  • Lead Generation Interactions
  • Self-Service IVR Capabilities
Quality Assurance