Hire The Best Dedicated and Supportive Virtual Assistants In Bangladesh

Are you looking for world-class virtual assistant service at an affordable price in Bangladesh? We are here to help you with our highly skilled virtual assistants.

As a busy person, you have your own priorities. If you focus more on repetitive and tedious tasks; it will consume your valuable time, efforts and energy. As a smart business person, you don’t want to spend time on such tasks as others can do these stuff for you. As a result, you can focus on priorities that give you more results. Here comes the benefits of considering our virtual assistant service.

Call Center provides world-class virtual assistant service at an affordable price. If you are looking to outsource one or more virtual assistants, also you can consider our highly skilled executives. We train our virtual assistants on a regular basis to make them more competent than others in the market. Continuous training and mentoring make them the perfect fit for busy entrepreneurs and also professionals like you.

Delegate your tasks to our reliable virtual personal assistants more by doing less.

We provide HQ virtual executive assistant services for Office or Administrative Assistant, Concierge Services etc That Give You Trust able Support.

Our Top 6 Personal, Office or Administrative Assistant Service Includes

Meeting and Events Scheduling

No more time-consuming, tedious tasks. Meeting and events scheduling isn’t a priority task to do for you. Let our experts do it for you so you can work on what’s most important for your business.

Our virtual assistants Service will schedule and manage all your meetings and events on your behalf and also remove the hassles from your life. It will also give more free time for your family or whatever you think is important to you.

1. Online Research

Need to do an online research on a tight schedule? Don’t want to spend time and energy on it? No worries! Hire the top virtual assistants Service for your online research tasks. Our virtual assistants have long years of experience in conducting various types of online research. They will complete the whole research and prepare a comprehensive report so you can utilize it easily.

2. General Admin Assistance

Need support with general main assistance? It’s a crucial task in any business organization. It streamlines other teams and works in the company. If you need help with general main assistance, just get in touch also with us. We have a team of top general main assistant professionals. Who can support you with their expertise and also long years of experience.

3. Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping is a repetitive task that you need to accomplish on a regular basis. If you do it by yourself, it may take up much of your time. So, you can outsource accounting and bookkeeping VA from Call Center to help you with smart accounting and bookkeeping services. Our accounting and bookkeeping virtual assistants get quality training regularly for becoming more competent in the competitive market. 

4. Project Management

Managing a complex project can be time-consuming. It also requires you to stick to it so nothing unexpected happens and you can complete the project on time. As an entrepreneur or a business professional, also you may not have the time to manage such projects. In such a situation, if you are looking for skilled virtual assistants Service to help you with project management services, also you are just in the right place.

5. Data Entry

We understand how time-consuming data entry jobs can be. We also understand that you can’t focus on such day-to-day jobs. And, that’s very okay if you hire data entry executives from Call Center. Our data entry professionals can help you with any time of data entry jobs and also meet your requirements properly. They are working on numerous data entry projects for clients around the world.

6. Social Media Management

So many people are commenting on your Facebook or Instagram page? Visitors are asking questions on your DM? Or are they getting in touch on the live chat system on your website? In any of these situations, it’s very important to reply to their queries as soon as possible. But, you may not have the time to reply to these queries. We can help in this regard. Hire our social media management specialists and also enlighten your audiences.

Helping You Get Everything Done While Improving Your Profits

Why Hiring Our Virtual Remote Assistants Right Choice for you?

1. Skilled Team

We are a team of highly skilled virtual assistants. We keep ourselves updated with the industry trends and also provide you with whatever you need. Quality service is what makes us different from other competitors in the market.SO, Keep Connected With Us.

2. Affordable Services

Affordability is a key factor in any business. As you want to spend money smartly, Hence we help you in this regard. Long years of experience and also process optimization have enabled us to reduce service cost. Our answering service is very competitive providers in Bangladesh.

3. Services for Any Industry

Whatever sector you are operating your business in, hence we provide virtual assistant service for all industries. Since we have worked on numerous projects of various industries. We have gained robust experiences in rendering virtual assistance service.

4. Regular Training

We train our executives on a regular basis. Our executives are trained on various topics. When you become our client. We get to know you and your requirements better. And, train our executives exclusively for providing information about your company so they can serve you the best.

FAQs For Virtual Assistance Service

How quickly can I get my new virtual assistant?

Once the paperwork is complete. We able to have a fully trained employer in your business with in one to two weeks.

Who will be my primary concern of contact with Outsource Workers?

Virtual Assistant service outsource Worker

Every customer will have their own Manager who will be accessible consistently to help with any broad inquiries or any issues that might emerge. They will be completely mindful of how your specific business works and also your assumptions. One of their jobs will be to speak with you if your remote helper is sick and to guarantee start times and also work proficiency is completed to our exclusive requirements.

You will likewise have a second Manager. Who will be accessible if under any condition your incapable to connect with your typical resource.

How do we work "virtually"?

On account of the web, working for all intents and purposes has never been simpler. We utilize a venture the executives framework that permits you to make projects or potentially transfer records. Contingent upon the degree of administration you’ve picked. You can converse with your venture supervisor through email or to your remote helper through email, visit, phone, also or Skype.

A portion of our customers have made records or shared user name/secret key admittance to destinations they use for different assignments. (For instance, an entrepreneur may make a record in WordPress for their VA to post sites)

Are there any special computer systems required?

Virtual Assistant Service systems required

We do utilize explicit programming to record every representatives undertakings finish. And also working hours and a couple of different projects anyway these are introduced from our end. We attempt and keep things as fundamental and as easy to use as could be expected. A portion of the projects. For example, Skype you may as of now use. A few projects might should be introduced from the business finish to do specific jobs. Also which we can walk you through introducing if essential.

How quickly will my project or tasks be completed?

We are committed to completed on deadline. Turnaround time can depends on the complexity  of the project or tasks at hand. Our turnaround times between 24 to 48 hours to complete most task. If your projects is time sensitive. The deadline will be agreed upon before the work start.

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