IT Support

Disaster Recovery

IT support keeps your data in three places: the source device (most likely a computer or office workstation), your local backup device, and also an off-site location (preferably through a cloud backup solution).

Ecommerce Calls

Help Desk Support

Our help desk support is most commonly used as a single point of contact for users who require occasional assistance in with troubleshooting computers, printers, networks, Wi-Fi, and so on.

Computer Training Maintenance

Computer Training

Especially, includes Our IT support keeping our clients’ software and operating systems up to date as well as training everyone on the newly updated systems. Basically this is an issue that is becoming increasingly important.

CrossSell & Upsell

IT Consulting

Also, we can collaborate with multiple departments or contractors to complete projects such as large-scale hardware and infrastructure overhauls or business-wide software and operating system updates.

Customized IT Support Solutions In Bangladesh

Many businesses discover that they do not always require. When a requirement arises, it is usually an urgent and immediate necessity; however, it is usually not cost-effective to maintain an IT professional on staff beyond that. As much as, Companies like us that can provide onsite IT support services have a vibrant workforce with a diverse set of skills. As a result, we can send the best candidate, saving your company time during the recruitment process. In due time, Some businesses try to handle these issues on their own, but this frequently results in lengthy slowdowns or diverts attention away from critical business requirements. At any rate business must have an systems in place. When they work properly, they accelerate operational processes and simplify tasks.

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Virtual IT Manager for Business

  • 1. Security
  • 2. Network
  • 3. Cloud
  • 4. Software as a Service
  • 5. Remote Computing
  • 6. Communications
  • 7. Data Analytics
  • 8. Managed Printing
  • 9. Email Services
  • 10. Cyber Security

Onsite IT Support Services

Accordingly, we understand that you want the security that comes with a successful IT support strategy. As a result, we make it simple to begin the process of improving cybersecurity. Also, our security professionals provide a variety of security services. Especially, You can schedule a free consultation with them. Additionally they will assist in making a choice and developing a plan to protect your employees, customers, and business.


  • Tech Support.
  • Email/Chat Quality Monitoring.
  • Computer Repair.
  • Virtual Desktops.

Onsite & Remote IT Support in Bangladesh

What is the role of IT maintenance support?

IT Technical Support is an IT professional who monitors and maintains an organization’s computer systems and networks. And also, IT Technical Support provides employees with technical assistance and support.

What is done in IT maintenance support?

Similarly, IT Support is responsible for the upkeep of computer networks in all types of organizations, as well as providing technical support and ensuring the smooth operation of the entire company. Also IT Support is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the company’s computer systems, installing and configuring hardware and software, and troubleshooting technical issues as they arise.

What are IT maintenance support skills?

Generally, IT support skills are the abilities that computer specialists use to assist others with technical equipment and software. Presently correctly utilizing technical products such as software applications, mobile apps, and computer hardware frequently necessitates advanced knowledge of information technology.

What are different types of IT services?

The Different Types of IT Services:
1. Low-Level IT Management Services. The majority of small businesses hire managed IT services.

2. Mid-Level Managed IT Services.

3. Mid-Level Managed IT Services.

4. High-Level Managed IT Services.

5. On-Demand IT.

6. Hardware Support.

7. Software Services.

8. Network Management.

9. IT Communications.

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