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Are you looking for new ways to maximize the use of video footage, live cameras, infrared detectors, motion detectors, and video monitoring services? Outsource2india can provide dedicated professionals to monitor camera footage or live streams. Disagreements can be immediately reported with eyes monitoring the surveillance systems, and suitable alerts could be sent to the appropriate people.

Hiring security personnel for round-the-clock monitoring proves to be prohibitively expensive and an unnecessary burden. We can remotely access online streams and recordings for you using our video monitoring systems, allowing you to take immediate action. We can supervise your estate in live time and provide feedback to you virtually. Our remote video monitoring is significantly less expensive and more efficient.

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Video Content Moderation Services in Bangladesh.

Step 1: We examine your security infrastructure and link it to our remote video monitoring system via the internet.

Step 2: We describe the service levels to be monitored, the objects to be monitored, the types of alerts and cost overruns, and the reporting format.

Step 3: We deploy a team to monitor the live video feed around the clock or according to your preferences.

Step 4: In the event of an incident, the controller will immediately report it to the appropriate authorities.

Step 5: The controller can also send intruders a real-time voice alert to help stop them from causing damage.

Step 6: The controller would examine the event from various camera angles and lens in to obtain clear images.

Step 7: The controller would prepare a brief report on the incident, complete with photos and videos, and send it to the appropriate person.

Outsource Video Monitoring Services in Dhaka.

CallcenterBD Solutions has over a decade of experience in video monitoring. Our solutions are carefully classified based on requirements to make it easier for you to choose the most appropriate one. The following are the various categories of video monitoring services that we offer:

1. Video Surveillance

Our team will assist in the setup and performance of CCTV video observations in the defined area, whether it is a publicly or privately area. The video monitoring team has been thoroughly trained using the camera in a legal, ethical, and technically sound manner. Any suspicious activity will be noted while the public’s privacy is protected.

2. Maintaining Quality

Our team will inspect the video surveillance quality and any broken or underperforming CCTV cameras. They conduct both scheduled and unscheduled quality checks to ensure top-tier performance. In short, they ensure that the surveillance process runs smoothly and without interruptions.

3. Surveillance Documentation

Every event captured by CCTV will be stored for future reference. Our team of experts will ensure that critical parameters such as camera utilised, area, time and date, and other important data gleaned by CCTV are recorded. This information is extremely important in court battles and in assisting with investigations.

video monitoring services in Bangladesh
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For more than a decade, we have been providing video monitoring services to clients located in various time zones. Based on our previous expertise with our customers, we have improved our services and added numerous benefits. These benefits add value to products and services we provide and give us a competitive advantage –

Data Safety

We prioritize the secrecy of our clients’ data, and all of our employees, professionals, and partner organizations have signed Quasi Agreements (NDAs) and accepted the terms of secrecy. So there is a 0% chance of a data security breach at FWS.

Quality and precision

Our mission at callcenterBD Solutions is to provide high – quality and high video monitoring services that add value to our clients’ businesses. To ensure top-notch efficiency and quality, our QA team includes experts with much more than a decade’s worth.

Price Variability

We recognize that each customer and their needs are unique. As a result, rather than quoting prices on a package basis, we quote all of our price levels based on the needs. This saves our clients a lot of money, and they just pay for the work we do.

Dedicated Group

When a team works on various projects, team performance and effectiveness suffer, as do work quality and accuracy. CallcenterBD Solutions ensures that our squad is not assigned to more than a project at the same time.

Rapid turnaround time

The mixture of layouts, a unique procedure in place, and specialist professionals to handle each stage of a project will always start driving us to deliver successful video monitoring service in the shortest turnaround.

FAQ on Video Monitoring & Moderation.

What exactly is remote video monitoring?

A remote video tracking program employs trained security personnel who remotely monitor properties, locations, and other immobile and movable assets with the on IP security cameras, adding an extra layer of security.

What outsource Video monitoring services does CallcenterBD offer?

CallcenterBD provides surveillance support in the areas of CCTV monitoring to provide safety to commercial and domestic spaces such as homes, office towers, and retail outlets.

We offer the following CCTV monitoring services:

1. Surveillance and tracking to keep people and property safe.
Fire detection monitoring services are available to protect your home from an undetected fire.
2. Proper access to confirm the identity of anyone asking for access to your property.
3. Employee protection services to ensure a safe having to work environment for employees
4. Equities protection to keep your stock, stock, constructions, and buildings safe and secure.
5. A reliable gate control system.

What about my discretion?

One of the primary goals of our services is to keep customer data secure. Our security measures safeguard your data against security breaches. Our data privacy and data measures include the following:

1. Establishing a strong Question – and – answer protocol
2. Controlling file access 3. Adding multiple layers of security
4. Providing employee experience with customer data protection
5. Implementing a strict password policy

What will the cost of CCTV monitoring services be?

Our Cctv surveillance solutions are priced based on the needs of the client. Please contact CallcenterBD with your requirements to get an accurate remote video monitoring service cost.

What are the advantages of contracting out CCTV monitoring services?

CCTV monitoring services offer security for your homes and workplaces, allowing you to relax and forget about security concerns. There are numerous advantages to outsourcing it to a proper company, including:

1. Defending against thefts caused by various factors such as home invasion, robbery, and vandalism.
2. Defending against criminal activities such as break-ins
3. Keeping customers satisfied by observing customer interactions
4. Obtaining evidence of wrongdoings for use in future legal action

5. Saving money on the costs of hiring dedicated labor, such as salaries and utilities.

We provide expert content moderation for social media, gaming, text, audio, and video keeping your safe and prevent offensive content.