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If you are looking for quality IT service for your business, talk with our experts. Call Center BD is the best IT services provider company in Bangladesh.


We, CallcenterBD understand that the technology world isn’t for everyone, so we handle the fine points so you don’t have to. We provide IT services and tools that are tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

With our IT services running smoothly in the background, you will never experience the costly downtime that can damage a reputation overnight. You can grow quickly with our new and responsive approach to technology.

Offshore IT Support Services for Business.

1.Managed Network

We generally take on the entirety of network tasks with this type of IT service. This includes setting up LANs, WAPs, and other connections for your company.

2.Managed Security

This is our all-encompassing remote security infrastructure service, which includes everything from BDR solutions to anti-malware options and keeps them up to date.

3.Support Services

This IT service provided by callcenterBD covers all IT support services, from troubleshooting to interacting with advanced issues.

4.Print Services

We will assist with data and file infrastructure with this type of managed IT service. It is frequently recommended for organizations with complex requirements.

5.Cloud Infrastructure

We create a cloud infrastructure management system that handles computing, storage, networking, information technology, and software virtualization.

6.Software as a Service

We provide a software platform for businesses, typically on a subscription basis, such as Office 365, universal communication software, and anti-virus software.

7.Wireless Computing

Wireless connections will be implemented by our managed wireless and mobile computing services. This IT service is beneficial to businesses that lack the capital to invest.

8.Communication Services

We provide communication infrastructure such as messaging software, VoIP, data, and video. In some cases, we can also function as a third-party outsourced call center.

9.Data Analytics

Our data analytics service includes business intelligence to target specific trends, as well as the development of roadmaps for improved business performance and productivity.

What Else?

    • Backup Solutions


    • Network Security


    • Monitoring & Maintenance


    • Email Services


    • Information Reporting



    • Software Development


    • Technology Training


    • Hardware Installations


Onsite Managed IT Support Remote Services

Every company, regardless of size or industry, must take a proactive approach to IT management in order to increase productivity, reduce downtime, improve cybersecurity, and achieve better cost predictability.

One of the most significant advantages of managed IT services is the cost savings that businesses enjoy as a result of making business IT support costs more straightforward and manageable. A managed service approach will also provide complete protection, customized backup and recovery solutions, and cutting-edge cloud storage and hosting to businesses.

Because business technology is common across industry verticals, we serve most industries. We also have specialized knowledge in the needs of industries with special compliance requirements, such as dental, medical, legal, and accounting, as well as specific support systems designed to support the oil and gas and transportation industries, making us an especially strong partner.

Although CallcenterBD guarantees an one-hour response time, the typical response time is measured in minutes.

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