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Outbound call center services are very significant for businesses for a good number of reasons. Also, this type of service helps you to acquire new customers, introduce your business to new potential buyers, and explore new opportunities in the market. Moreover, we have an expert team of outbound service experts. Many years of experience enables us to solve complex business problems with excellent outbound services. Also, over the years, we have optimized our operations and processes and developed a methodical approach in dealing with outbound services. Robus experience allows us to reduce service cost and enhances efficiency.


Offshore Staffing

Outsourcing offshore staff is such an out-of-the-box approach that can help your business in many ways.

Telemarketing Services

We offer offshore and onshore telemarketing services to every corner of the world. If you are looking for result-oriented telemarketing services, you can rely on our long years of experience in multiple industries.

Multichannel BPO

Multichannel BPO is like your business partner who handles all your internal and external business operations on your behalf.

Fast, Friendly, and Accurate Representatives

Appointment Setting

Lead Generation

Voice Broadcast

Telephonic Auditing

Telemarketing Services

The Outbound of CCBD is defined as the center that makes outbound calls either to the existing or potential customers on behalf of a company or a client. Additioally, our core specialization in outbound provides the best creative, dynamic and cost-effective outbound call center solutions. In addition, the customer care solutions offered by Call Centers Bangladesh cover the various stages of the customer life-cycle in an efficient manner. Thus, no matter when your customer calls up, we are ready to address their queries at any time of the day. Offshore staffing service is provides by us. Our extensive knowledge in outbound will fulfill all you outbound call center needs up to your expectations and aids you to achieve the maximum results. Our Outbound Call Center has 8  Services includes:

1. Appointment Setting
2. Telemarketing Services
3. Market Research & Survey
4. Collections
5. Follow-up
6. Lead Generation
7.  Voice Broadcast
8. Telephonic Auditing

Our expertise of 12 years in business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions improve the visibility of digital presence across the customer purchase life-cycle. Therefore, With the latest of technology and result-oriented methodology, our delivery strategy model goes well with every kind of business. CCBD also provides a wide range of outbound call center services that facilitate sales and acquisition. These includes 8 Services :

1. Firstly, Reactivating Dormant Customers Services
2. Secondly, Customer Follow Up Services
3. Thirdly, Data Validation Services
4. Fourth, Subscription Renewal Services
5. Then, Lead Generation Services
6. Next, B2B-B2C Appointment Setting Services
7.Also, Loyalty Program Management Services
8. Lastly, Market Research Services

Data Validation Services

Lead Generation Services

Market Research Services

Customer Follow Up Services

Subscription Renewal Services

FAQ For Outbound Call Center Service

Functions of outbound service in CCBD?

Outbound service is a facility in which call center agents make outbound calls to potential new or thus, existing customers which includes telemarketing, sales, or survey services.

How can we will get outbound services price at CCBD?

Basically, on our call center platform, you can ask for quotes directly and thus find the most appropriate outbound service quickly and easily.

Functions of CCBD's call center outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing includes outsourcing specific areas or tasks, for example customer support, new customer acquisition or back office management, to a call center.

What difficulties can occur in outbound campaigns and how can I resolve them?

Outbound campaigns can face many challenges from address acquisition over the selection of payment models to the creation of call guides. These complications can be overcome by selecting the right call center to support you in all aspects of outbound campaigns.

What are the expenditure of an outbound telemarketing program?

Call center BD organize service cost in different ways.  However, here are the common line items you will see on an outbound telemarketing invoice. Telemarketing hour charges will range from $28 to $40 per hour, based on the size of your program. A larger group will naturally be invoiced at a lower rate than a smaller team. Moreover, rate is also dependent on the skills required. More complex programs need an hourly rate at the higher end of the spectrum.

  • Low Volume & Low Complexity : $35 – $39 per hour
  • Low Volume but High Complexity :$40+ per hour
  • High Volume but Low Complexity : $28 – $32 per hour
  • High Volume & High Complexity : $33 – $34 per hour

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