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The objective of our proactive content moderation strategy is to stop the bad content from always reaching the public. This is primarily done by having moderators check all posted content and personally approve it after determining if it is acceptable. Administrator screening of incoming registrations is another function that may be categorized as proactive content moderation.

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     Types Of Proactive Content Moderation We Provide

As a Project Leader or Moderator, you must take into account the six most common types of proactive content moderation while considering how to retain some sense of order inside your community.


Our pre-moderating service when someone uploads content on the website and it is put in a queue to be reviewed by a moderator before it is available to everyone.

2. Post-moderation

Post-moderation is a better choice than pre-moderation from the standpoint of the user experience in a setting where active moderation is required.

3. Reactive moderation

When you rely on your community’s users to flag up anything that either violates your House Rules or that they believe to be undesirable, you are engaging in reactive moderation.

4. Distributed moderation

Distributed moderation is a rather uncommon sort of UGC moderation technique. It often uses a rating system that community members utilize to cast their votes.

5. Automated moderation

Automated moderation is just a useful tool in the moderator’s toolbox in addition to all the above human-powered techniques. It involves using a variety of technical tools.

6. No moderation

We cannot ever propose that your community be completely left unmoderated. significantly less as a Community Manager! However, there are countless groups.

How To Choose Right Content Moderation Approach

It might be challenging to select the best platform solution because proactive content moderation needs differ depending on the platform type and the target market for the company. Consider the following factors when choosing a content moderation strategy:

  1. Client demands
  2. Demographics of the user
  3. Norms for the community
  4. The order of prohibited actions

You can start developing a proactive content moderation plan once you’ve determined what behaviors are permitted on your platform and to what extent. The most flexible and effective way to handle proactive content moderation is generally a combination of human moderators with automated tools, especially on platforms with a lot of user-generated content (UGC).

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Why You Should Use Our Proactive Content Moderation Service

Raising Brand Loyalty

Communities that are safe, welcoming, and active don't just happen. They are purposefully created and kept up by committed community members and committed Trust & Safety specialists. When platforms can deliver a wonderful user experience that is devoid of toxicity, they expand and prosper.

Safeguard Advertisers

People's interactions with a platform affect how they perceive the brand. This holds true for both the platform's reputation and the brands who use the platform to advertise their products. Content moderation is essential to safeguard advertisers since consumers can interpret advertisements.

Protect Communities

By limiting harmful behaviors like spam, harassing, cyberbullying, hate speech, and more, platforms can help create a welcoming, inclusive community. With careful and consistently applied proactive content moderation policies and practices, you may help consumers.

Customer Perception

By giving data for analysis, proactive content moderation can help a platform gain a better knowledge of its user base. This can then be utilized to spot trends, offer actionable insight, and improve marketing, advertising, branding, & messaging strategies.



The variety of opinions and expressions that may be found in user-generated material can be found in written texts, images, and videos. Such content may also be inappropriate for many of the viewers or contain offensive imagery. Therefore, content moderation is the most effective method for limiting user-generated content on social media . For example that are similar. This method helps to preserve a brand’s reputation, manage the emotions in the content, and prevent spam of anything that contains trolling or criticism.

Thanks to content moderators, companies and end users are completely protected from the negative, upsetting posts and misleading offers made by online trolls and scammers. They follow the objectives and standards of a brand. Or to put it another way, it is up to them to evaluate user-generated content and decide whether to accept it or not.

The most crucial component of content filtering is the mission. Sometimes it can seem as though the internet is a vast, frightening place dominated by criminals By deleting stuff that shouldn’t be there, content moderation plays a crucial role in improving both the internet and the world. And as a result, you not only get to assist users online but also ensure that they enjoy their time there.

To assure the greatest conclusion and produce the best material for the users, the content moderation procedure has its own set of tasks to complete. Therefore, some of the areas that content moderators should pay attention to are:

  1. Choosing the most effective moderation strategy for you.
  2. Establish precise standards and criteria for each content format you are developing.
  3. Depending of the channel you use, moderating all forms of content.

People frequently lack clarity on what constitutes quality content, leading them to occasionally take actions that are improper. So, for Content Moderators, here are some things to avoid doing:

  1. Do not misread good content; always adhere to the rules and best practices.
  2. Avoid delaying beginning on moderation for too long as it will simply increase longer you wait.
  3. Avoid wasting anything and make plans before beginning.

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Our goal is to restore faith in the Internet and make it a safer and much more useful place for everyone by combining the strength of data and community.