Dedicated Outsourcing Telemarketing Company in Bangladesh

Dedicated Outsourcing Telemarketing Company In Bangladesh

Telemarketing became popular with the use of cell phones. Now every single person has one or more phones in their hands. So you can reach out to any people with telemarketing services. You just need to ensure you are doing it with the right people. 

We offer offshore and onshore telemarketing services to every corner of the world. If you are looking for result-oriented telemarketing services, you can rely on our long years of experience in multiple industries. So, whatever industry you are operating your business in, you can take the advantage of our quality services.

Retail & Ecommerce

Prompt Outsourced TeleSales Support

Our telemarketing service is one of the most effective pattern of growing customer numbers, developing sales leads, and increasing revenues for B2C organisations. If you haven’t yet considered creating a focused marketing effort or uniquely providing customer service options to this group of customers, they may be turning to your competitors.

Our 4 exclusive Telemarketing Services For You.

1. Telemarketing Service for B2B

We offer telemarketing services for B2B companies. Our B2B telemarketing team is equipped with modern tools and techniques to convert your perspectives into sales. We will ensure sales and requisite ROI for your business.

2. Telemarketing Service for B2C

B2C telemarketing can take your business to the next level. Our expert B2C telemarketing executives take care of all your perspectives and convert them into paying customers with their extensive and sincere efforts.

3. Telemarketing for Products

Is your business selling products to a mass market or a niche market? Whatever the scenario is, we will sell your products to your prospects. We have experience in a varied number of product sectors. So, we can ensure sales.

4. Telemarketing for Services

Telemarketing for Services requires some additional care. We have that extra care. We sell your services to potential customers within your target group. You can give us a list of prospects or we can generate leads on our own.

Global Expansion With Experienced Assistance

We are a leading Company for Call Center Outsourcing in Bangladesh providing best Voice, Chat & Email Support. Outsource Call Centre Services for inbound. We cover all the regions of the world. Where do you need to have customers from? The USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Bangladesh, South Africa, or what? Our service area covers all the regions of the world.

FAQ For Telemarketing

What can telemarketing be used for?

Telemarketing can be used to achieve numerous roles including, lead follow up, event advertising, client reactivation, market research, list cleansing, subscription renewals, existing client contact, lead Generation, principal nurturing and appointment setting.

What’s the difference between telemarketing and telesales?

Telemarketing and telesales are different activities, although they can be exchangeable depending on the particulars of the campaign. Telesales is used to sell a firm’s products or services via the telephone, and can be cold calling or directed at existing clients. Telemarketing is more about connection building or research and has larger objectives.

Is telemarketing a replacement to my sales force?

No. Telemarketing is by no means a replacement of any firm’s sales force. However, it can make it more cost effective by having sales team spend more hours in front of customers rather than chasing them for appointments. Call  will work with your organization and bridge any gaps between your sales force and the prospect or your existing customers.

Why is telemarketing considered highly cost-effective?

This is because telemarketing can reach a higher volume of individuals at a fraction of the cost of meeting with each of them face-to-face.

How Do We Charge?

We’re a professional organization that propose customized solutions for businesses with different requirements, therefore we do not have one set charges. This ensures our customers receive maximum output and ROI. If you wish to partner with a professional organization to build the finest solution for your requirements, then consider us as your partner.

Experts In World Class End To End And Project RPO / PEO Services.

We give every call a fresh perspective. We don’t just talk like robots to your potential buyers. Rather, we take every lead sincerely and talk with them with a personalized approach. Therefore, we can sell more than those who just talk like robots.