Attractive Offshore Sales & Remote Marketing Service

Attractive Offshore Sales marketing and collection

Without sale, there is no profit & without profits, your company goes bankrupt. Don’t worry, our professional will help you to provide Sales marketing and collection services for your product. Not just that, we also take the responsibilities of billing & collecting money from your customer or client. So, lay back and let us get your desir results in Sales marketing and collection services.

3 Dialing Modes One-touch Calling

Full-Feature, Cost-Effective, Award-Winning Systems for Automated Dialing. At CCBD bring incredible speeds, efficiency, & accountability to your sales teams. Powerful feature including local presences, outbound calling, inbound call handle, and multi option transferring.

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Our Collection Services

1. Creating Your Invoice

Creating an invoice can be a very tiring activity. We always want to save our clients time. As a result, we create invoices on behalf of our clients. We will customize the invoice for you. You will face lesser questions if you have a better invoice. So, save your time and let us create the invoices for your business or companies.

2. Billing Customers

Whether we create your invoices or you send us yours, we will contact your clients/customers and send the bills to them. Proper billing gets ignored by many companies where it is a crucial part of their finances. You cannot always expect your customers/clients to pay you without billing them properly.

3. B2C Collection

Many of your valued customers might forget to send their payments or delay the process. We know asking them for payments might be an awkward experience. We have an automated system that reminds your customers/clients about their missed payments. We also do this process by direct calling if necessary.

4. B2B Collection

Payment collection for B2B business is a bit different. Your B2B clients do not pay you right away. B2C transactions are fast but B2B transactions have a longer time frame. Each of your clients also has different time frames. There are discount and commission factors too. We will keep track of your B2B transaction information.

5. Quick Fund Transfer

We are collecting YOUR money. It is a no-brainier that you would love to receive your payments ASAP. On the other hand, there might be some situations where you might need emergency cash for your business. With our quick fund transfer service, we will quickly forward your funds to your account in easily, effective and trust able way.

Subscription-Based Payment Collection

Subscription-based payment models are getting popular day by day. If you have a subscription-based payment model, you are in the right place. We integrate an automate payment system that is customize for subscription-base payment models. Our system will automatically collect money from your subscribed customers.

FAQs For Sales Marketing And Collection

Why do I need digital marketing for my business?

Having a site isn’t sufficient nowadays. The web has gotten perhaps the most aggressive spaces and everybody is contending with the mass measures of traffic and clients on the web. While a site is critical and fills in as the establishment for your web based advertising presence. It is only that, an establishment. Advancement of your site by means of other computerized showcasing channels is imperative to separate your business and offer you each chance to draw in another guest, which will ideally transform into a client.

How could I be charged for your advanced advertising administrations and is there an agreement?

Advanced Advertising Administration

The vast majority of our administrations are half year and year gets that are offered at limited rates for broadened administrations, however we likewise offer month-to-month contracts. We lean toward longer arrangements on the grounds that computerized showcasing results don’t occur without any forethought, particularly in case you are handling endeavors like web-based media promoting and site improvement.

Who is my resource at your office? How might you function with my present group?

At the point when you work with Call Center BD, you get the whole group. You will have your Account Manager as your essential resource, yet then. At that point you will likewise have singular colleagues who will be your go-to for explicit requirements. You will be all around familiar with the group. So you know who you ought to contact for deals questions, new mission data, site changes, or whatever else that surfaces. At that point, you don’t know which colleague to contact, we likewise have a help tagging framework set up with the goal that you can generally present a pass to help.

Does your office do any project-based work?

In a short answer, no. Another you are searching for simply a site update or SEO administrations as single administrations. We are not the office for you. We realize that having a decent site. And having a thorough SEO system are both significant parts of your online presence. We additionally realize that it takes much something other than those single administrations to see a profit from your speculation. In this manner, we urge you to embrace a full inbound system.

What amount does it cost to work with an office? Are there any extra expenses?

Our administrations are retainer-based. You pay a month to month retainer dependent on the quantity of hours we conclude. It will take to deal with your methodology consistently. Every system is unique, hence the number of hours and subsequent fee will be decid base on the circumstances.

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