Offshore Sales & Remote Marketing

Without sales, there is no profit and without profit, your company goes bankrupt. Don’t worry, our professionals will help you sell your products and services.

Not just that, we also take the responsibilities of billings and collecting money from your customers/clients. So, lay back and let us get your desired results.

3 Dialing Modes One-touch Calling

Full-Featured, Cost-Effective, Award-Winning System for Automated Dialing. At CCBD brings incredible speed, efficiency, and accountability to your sales team. Powerful features including local presence, outbound calling, inbound call handling, and multi-option transferring.

Digital Marketing and Tele Sales

Our Collection Services

Creating Your Invoice

Creating an invoice can be a very tiring activity. We always want to save our clients time. As a result, we create invoices on behalf of our clients. We will customize the invoice for you. You will face lesser questions if you have a better invoice. So, save your time and let us create the invoice for you.

Billing Your Clients/Customers

Whether we create your invoices or you send us yours, we will contact your clients/customers and send the bills to them. Proper billing gets ignored by many companies where it is a crucial part of their finances. You cannot always expect your customers/clients to pay you without billing them properly.

B2C Payment Collection

Many of your valued customers might forget to send their payments or delay the process. We know asking them for payments might be an awkward experience. We have an automated system that reminds your customers/clients about their missed payments. We also do this process by direct calling if necessary.

B2B Payment Collection

Payment collection for B2B business is a bit different. Your B2B clients do not pay you right away. B2C transactions are fast but B2B transactions have a longer time frame. Each of your clients also has different time frames. There are discount and commission factors too. We will keep track of your B2B transaction information and collect payments for you.

Quick Fund Transfer

We are collecting YOUR money. It is a no-brainer that you would love to receive your payments ASAP. On the other hand, there might be some situations where you might need emergency cash for your business. With our quick fund transfer service, we will quickly forward your funds to your account.

Subscription-Based Payment Collection

Subscription-based payment models are getting popular day by day. If you have a subscription-based payment model, you are in the right place. We integrated an automated payment system that is customized for subscription-based payment models. Our system will automatically collect money from your subscribed customers.

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