Find a Perfect Virtual Receptionist Assistant

Our team will find the right people regardless of the timeline. Using our Virtual Receptionist services allows you to optimize your human resources for both long-term and short-term labor requirements.

Setup for a virtual receptionist service with Nexa is easier than with a robotic auto attendant, we’ll get to know your brand voice and values, interface with the CRM and appointment scheduling software of your choice, and plan inbound and outgoing call services that support your long-term objectives. Take advantage of affordable virtual bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses. Small business owners wear several hats, and Callcenter BD is aware of this.

Give your bookkeeping and tax preparation to us so you can concentrate on your strengths! With Callcenter BD, you can check your financial accounts, meet with an accountant, read in-depth reports, and reduce your tax liability all from the comfort of your own home. Your business accounting will be simplified by our virtual bookkeeping service, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your enterprise.

Virtual Receptionist

Day-to-day Tasks Keeping You From Big Decisions?

Market Research Plan & Execution

Executive Administrative

Executive Administrative Assistant for our virtual receptionist service, Its play a crucial role in providing high-level administrative support.
Questionnaire Design

Appointment Scheduling

Virtual receptionists may now set up appointments over the phone. Both sales and the consumer experience may benefit from this.
Competitor Research

Tailored Services

The special requirements of many businesses, such as healthcare, law, or e-commerce, will be met by virtual receptionist solutions.

6-Step Process to Hiring an Express Virtual Receptionist

  • Step 1. Decide Your Needs

    Having a clear understanding of your work list will enable you to identify a VA with the right skill set. (Pro tip: I use various VAs for various projects and businesses.)

  • Step 2. contrast the VA's Offerings

    To choose which VA service best suits your needs, do some research and compare a few options. Doing to learn how to make the most out of your virtual assistant.

  • Step 3. Explain The Role Of Your VA

    Give your virtual assistant (VA) a clear understanding of their responsibilities and position. I advise going through the work procedure a few times yourself and recording it.

  • Step 4. Start Small By Hiring a VA

    You can begin the hiring procedure as soon as you’ve identified a VA service that fits your needs. To make sure you pick a dependable and trustworthy specialist.

  • Step 5. Track Developments

    Keep an eye on your VA’s development on a regular basis to make sure they are fulfilling your goals and staying on course. If you have any worries, take care of them right once.

  • Step 6. Send Your Tasks To EVA

    Send us your assignments via any secure file transfer channel as soon as you have decided on a remote contractor and the requirements are clear.


What services does the Virtual Receptionist provide?

The virtual receptionist can handle call forwarding, appointment scheduling, information dissemination, call screening, and more.

How does a Virtual Receptionist work?

Our virtual receptionist uses advanced speech recognition and artificial intelligence to understand and respond to callers, providing a seamless and efficient experience.

What services does the Virtual Receptionist provide?

The virtual receptionist can handle call forwarding, appointment scheduling, information dissemination, call screening, and more.

What are the pricing plans for the Virtual Receptionist service?

Our pricing is based on the features and usage you require. We offer flexible plans to cater to different business needs.

How Does a Virtual Receptionist Assistant Work?

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