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Debt collection is a very time-consuming process. If you handle it in-house, it’s expensive, frustrating, and distracting, but if you outsource debt collection to another company, you end up losing a large percentage of the debt in fees. The process is risky as well, since you could be assigned a debt collector who is rude, unprofessional, or passive. So, what if you could have the best of both worlds instead. Would it be possible to outsource collection efforts to an overseas team member? A dedicated team of professionals and the latest technology are at the core of our form processing system. We offer a comprehensive business process improvement process for conducting bpo surveys. The data survey companies like CCBD guarantee that you will receive an insightful, effective and complete survey of your business at a very affordable rate and within your allotted timeframe.

However, unlike other outsourced options, an offshore debt collector is a permanent employee, so they become fully familiar with your company and follow your  policies. It’s all under your control, and you can let your local account team handle the rest.In addition, you can offshore the role for a cheaper rate than outsourcing to an expensive third party, so your margin is not affected.Most importantly, the savings do not result in decreased service quality. Bangladeshi debt collectors are exceptionally good. They are not only highly qualified and skilled, but also experienced.

Staff Leasing Services, Virtual Receptionist

The practices we use are industry standard. The Customer Loyalty Management & Retention Services we offer will allow you to have a clear understanding of our highly coveted loyalty customers, offering maximum transparency for you. As follows:
01. Request input
Your team and ours will work together to determine the requirements. This helps us identify your loyal customers for multi-channel communication.
02. Update database
We will clean up your database and add a list of the latest information to plan your contact strategy.
03. Custom communication
We offer customized communications through offers, service upgrade options, and other propositions to encourage your customers to become more involved in your business.
04. Report
We provide high-quality reports and insights to help you plan the next step in building strong customer relationships.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing survey processing services to CallCenterBD, please contact us. See what makes us different from our  competitors:

Methodology: The success of a survey depends on how it is conducted with respondents. Basically, this is the basic fabric of public relations. It is our expert team’s job to handle the customers with professionalism and keep a hospitable attitude that will likely yield the desired result. It is our commitment to deliver uncompromised service that sets us apart.

Affordability: Price will not be your constraint if you have the will to power up your business with our assistance. We have several price packages and you can choose from these, as per our requirements. We provide low prices to our customers and care about them.

Technological : advancements are a major factor in ensuring smooth and fast service. We have the best technical support. As technologies change, our experts undergo regular training to stay up to date.

Customer Service Desk: Our team of customer support executives are always available to assist you. Our clients find them friendly and they feel their impulses.

Why outsource the outbound customer feedback and survey process to CCBD? You can rely on CallCenterBD if you are looking for a reliable outsourcing partner that can offer high quality services at a low price.

Our business services can help you increase the growth rate of  your business. You need the best team if you want the best results.

Outsource Customer Loyalty Management Services to CCBD

CCBD is a call center company that has provided customer loyalty management services for 10 years. Companies that deal with loyal customers can take advantage of our expert services. We value customized contact strategies as a means of generating more revenue for your business by attracting repeat customers. We offer cost-effective solutions that will help you build and retain relationships with your customers.

Our customer loyalty management services can help you improve your business performance. Contact us if you’re interested.