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The Bangladeshi government requires a trade license for the operation of every form of business. Local governments of the affected areas issue it. Business entities must obtain trade licenses from each local government where they do business. A business entity that operates in more than one location must apply for a Trade License from each local government.  The license is valid for one year and must be renewed each year. Taxes on trade licenses generally depend on the type of business.

Following is information on how to obtain a Trade License if you operate a business within Dhaka City Corporation. Local governments in other countries have similar rules. You should contact the appropriate local government if you need more information.

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How to obtain all types of trade licenses in Bangladesh

A general guideline explaining the steps involved in obtaining all types of trade licenses in Bangladesh from manufacturing to trade businesses. By understanding the types of trade licenses necessary for your business and how to obtain them, you will be able to successfully do your business in Bangladesh. The document shall also outline the procedure for obtaining the appropriate trade licenses for your businesses in Bangladesh.

The purpose of this guideline is to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get trade licenses in Bangladesh, with a description of what a trade license is, the reasons why one must have one, and their procedure for getting trade licenses.

Bangladeshi Trade Licenses

The types of trade licenses available in Bangladesh are described below. There are a few versions of trade licenses in Bangladesh.

  1. Obtain a General Trade License

Almost all types of businesses may obtain trade licenses, except for commercial and manufacturing businesses.

  1. Obtain a Commercial Trade License

Trade licenses are required for individuals or separate legal entities conducting commercial businesses, such as retail stores.

  1. Manufacturing Trade License

Companies that are engaged in manufacturing need a manufacturing trade license. A business of this type usually has factories or industries.

These are the steps for obtaining a trade license for a general business in Bangladesh as follows:

First, you need to acquire the required application form from the City Corporation or Municipality.

Second, Complete the application form for a trade license.

Third, Obtain copies of the necessary documents.

Fourth, To complete your application, you need to submit documents and the completed application form to the appropriate office.

Fifth, Submit the application and supporting documentation to the license supervisor for approval.

Sixth, After that, required fees should be paid to the appropriate office.

Seventh, The Concerned Authority will issue a Trade License Certificate after verifying the validity of the applicant.

Eight, The City Corporation or Municipal Corporation issues the trading license certificates.

  • Application for a prescribed trade license.
  • The National ID Card of the Owner.
  • Three passport-size pictures of the owner.
  • Receipt for Holding Tax Payments.
  • Certificate of Incorporation of a company.
  • The articles of association and the memorandum of association in original form.
  • Obtaining a VAT registration certificate.
  • Statement of non-judicial stamp complies with City Corporation’s/Municipality’s/Union Parishad’s rules and regulations.
  • Copy of the company’s financial/bank solvency certificate.
  • TIN (Tax Clearance Certificate).
  • Partnership Agreement.
  • Permit to work issued by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).
  • Passport copy if the director is a foreign national.

This is the step by step procedure as to how to obtain a trade license in Bangladesh for a business, as follows:

To understand the process of how to obtain a trade license in Bangladesh, a “K” Form must be collected from the  Dhaka City Corporation (DCC). Each of the ten zoning offices uses a K form, which is available at the relevant zoning office, depending on its location. The seal and the initials of the officer selling it are what distinguish it from those from other regions. The cost of the form will be as low as Tk ten.

First, Collecting the proper form from the Dhaka City Corporation. (K forms are available at the local offices.)

Second, Complete the Trade License application form “K”.

Third, Obtain copies of the necessary documents.

Fourth,Ensure the form is filled out completely and submit it to the appropriate office.

Fifth, the approval of the application and supporting documents by the licensing supervisor.

Sixth, Fees should next be deposited in the office responsible.

Seventh, After verification, the concerned authority shall issue a Trade License Certificate to the applicant if satisfied.

Eight, The issuance of the trade license certificate by the City or Municipal Corporation. The license book shall be collected for Tk 50, along with supporting documents.

Ninth, payment for the signboard.

  • Three copies of the owner’s passport-sized photo.
  • Owner’s National ID Card.
  • Rent receipt or property ownership proof.
  • Receipt for Holding Tax Payments.
  • Document proving an organization’s incorporation.
  • Documentation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Tax registration certificate.
  • Declaration of compliance with the rules and regulations of the City Corporation, municipal government, and union parliament.
  • An official copy of the bank’s financial/banking solvency certificate.
  • TIN (Tax Clearance Certificate)
  • Agreements of Partnership
  • Permit to work issued by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)
  • Obtain a copy of the director’s passport if he or she is a foreigner.

The following are the steps for obtaining a trade license in Bangladesh for manufacturing businesses:

The first step in obtaining a Trade License in Bangladesh for Manufacturing entities is to collect Form “I” from the Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) zonal office, where the application should be submitted.

First, Obtaining a copy of the “I” form from your DCC zone office.

Second, Obtain copies of supporting documents.

Third, The application should be submitted to the local ward commissioner for approval after it has been complete.

Fourth, Then, Licensing Supervisor will visit the business in order to confirm the information provided.

Fifth, Licensing supervisors will verify the application and will determine the fee to be paid, depending on the class the application came from.

Sixth, Fees for signboards. (all types of businesses are to be charged 30 percent of the license fee).

Seventh, Obtain a Trade License Certificate from the City Corporation.

  • Three copies of the owner’s passport-sized photo.
  • Rent receipts or proof of premises ownership.
  • The neighbourhood has issued a no objection certificate (NOC).
  • The undertaking must be written on Tk 150 non-judicial stamped paper.
  • The Fire Department must issue a fire license and the DOE must issue an environmental certificate.
  • Holding tax payment receipts.
  • Incorporation Certificate of a corporation.
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association must be certified.
  • The VAT registration certificate.
  • Declaration on non-judicial stamps to adhere to city, municipal, and union governmental regulations.
  • A copy of the company’s financial/banking solvency certificate.
  • TIN (Tax Clearance Certificate).
  • Partnership Agreement.
  • Permit to work issued by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).
  • Obtain a copy of the director’s passport if he or she is a foreigner.

How we can Help you to Obtain trade License in Bangladesh

How CCBD can help you obtain trade licenses in Bangladesh.CCBD Associates provides the following services for obtaining a Trade License in Bangladesh: We know how to obtain Trade Licenses efficiently at CCBD because we have a team of competent and excellent professionals.

The legal advisors of CCBD can provide legal consultations and meetings to clients and ask for documents such as NIDs, incorporation certificates, photographs, MOAs and AOAs to apply for a Trade License. Application documents are collected based on the type of company or establishment.

The procedure for obtaining a trade license for a commercial or manufacturing business entity may differ a little bit, so the legal team at CCBD can assist the client by filling out the appropriate trade license application at the correct office with the proper supporting documents.

Trade license documents are prepared, collected, and drafted by legal professionals within CCBD. Documents are then shared with clients for execution. After the client has executed the documents, they are sent back to CCBD along with all other required documentation.

Once this form has been submitted and the supporting documents have been submitted, the CCBD completes the application process. The CCBD also pays the Government fees and works with the concerned authority to obtain a certified copy of the licensed trade.

Our legal experts have a good working relationship with government offices; for example, BIDA and RJSCA, which makes obtaining any certificate easier.

As an additional service, CCBD also ensures that the license is renewed when it expires if necessary.

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