UGC Multilingual Content Moderation for Social Media

User generated content monitoring

Maintaining control of your online platform through moderation of user-generated content is important.

The multilingual and multicultural teams we employ monitor your websites and social media platforms, flagging and addressing inappropriate content posted without complying with your social safety guidelines and brand guidelines, resulting in an optimal  online experience for all.

Monitor and UGC Content Moderation

As part of our real-time moderation services, we provide image moderation, live streaming video moderation, and comment moderation for social networks, blogs, apps, forums, chats, and other channels. A team of experts moderates your website, social media channels, and communities to identify and remove offensive content.

Social Media Content Moderation Outsourcing Services

It is actually necessary to moderate content on social networks where audiences, customers, and community members are allowed to post anything they want. Your company or brand needs a dedicated content moderator to screen all comments/feedback/reviews and make them favorable to your company or brand. Making your brand as user-friendly as possible is the ultimate goal.

Listening and analyzing brand-related conversations, and managing outbound posts and community engagement campaigns are some of the ways we will improve customer sentiment. This way, your fans and customers feel protected 24/7 and you inspire them to  engage with you online.

We handle Facebook comment moderation and Twitter moderation, just to name a few. Social media teams from our company monitor comments, conversations, images, videos, and any type of multimedia content shared, tweeted, or pinned on your company’s pages or social media profiles.

Businesses should be where their customers are. Social media is that place today. We have multilingual and multicultural moderation teams to assist you in monitoring, moderating and managing official brand and product-related social channels.

Content Moderation Use Cases

It is becoming increasingly important to moderate in areas where social interaction takes place online. We therefore offer human-powered content moderation services for wide-ranging online platforms that cover the areas where such moderation is needed with expedited actions.

Multiling Content Moderation Services

Comment Moderation

Websites and blogs with un-gated conversations always need to employ professional content moderation to prevent harmful material from being posted and promote collaboration among readers

Text Moderation

A lot of people on the Internet have the best of intentions.

To protect them from trolls, bullies, and naysayers is your responsibility. It is only possible to help a limited extent with automated spam filters. UGC moderation solutions that are accurate and culturally sensitive require a smart blend of human touch and machine speed.

Our outsourced teams of multilingual moderators guarantee consistent brand and user protection by screening comments, posts, reviews, discussions, and all other written online communications on your official channels.

Review Moderation

We will ensure that the quality and authenticity of your user reviews are ensured by our teams of outsourced moderation specialists. Our customer service team removes profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, sexually explicit language, promotional material, and content that detracts from the value your customers receive.

Image Moderation Service

There are a number of ways to identify the unwanted content on suspicious images, such as violent content, pornography, drugs, weapons, offensive weapons, extremism, and scams. A content moderation service, using a combination of a computer program and a human, will ensure that every image adheres to the guidelines and policies of the business. We can moderate images of any category and in any format with the highest degree of accuracy and the best results.

Audio Moderation/ Video Moderation

Trusted audio and video content management.

The importance of publishing audio and video content to your channels and communities as soon as it is published is well known.

Our mission is to help companies from all industries gain a loyal following and ensure the online safety of users everywhere – your brand will be protected from questionable content around the clock  and in over 40 languages.

Audio Moderation

You should build a positive user experience from the start when inviting users to upload audio content. Our multilingual for-hire teams categorize, remove and review unethical, aggressive and IPR-infringing audio content based on your own policies.

We ensure that all audio files comply with codec-specific and general standards as well as their content.As a result, we can align your brand with greater accuracy and provide real value, in addition to protecting your brand.

Video Moderation

The outsourced video moderation solutions we offer combine human experts with the latest technology to deliver fast, accurate solutions for competitive pricing.

We have multilingual teams of content specialists that can moderate live streams and regular uploads, reviewing the duration and quality of each video according to standards or custom guidelines, such as quality scales, IPR, language, theme, and so on.

We can also perform still-image moderation, which involves reviewing images automatically chosen from the videos through specialised tools. We never leave a frame unwatched with the use of user reputation scores, onboarding analysis, and specific elements detection software.

Moderating Content has Many Advantages

The content moderator is the person who controls the content that is uploaded by users, such as comments, videos, images, and pictures, to ensure your brand is represented correctly while adhering to your company’s policies or guidelines.

Why choose us for content moderation?

spam detection company, we provide services that can help you remove unwanted content, such as Our team provides real-time social media moderation services for user-generated content. As a images or videos, and implement a spam removal process that is easy. Our customized solution offers accuracy and dedicated resources in a budget-friendly manner.