BPO Simplified Call Center Services Using Sophisticated Technologies.


Since Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services are one of the most popular services offered by CCBD. Similarly BPO Offers a wide range of back office data entry services, both customer care support and telemarketing outsourcing solutions. Generally assist by world-class infrastructure, organization competencies, strong domain knowledge and a dedicated team of skilled and trained professionals.

Enhance Flexibility With 3 BPO Features

1. Markedly our data processing services guarantee that client information significantly secure and confidential. Indeed it’s high resolution satellite imagery or medical records still subject to HIPAA privacy laws.


2. Our GIS team has the ability to geocode, delineate GEO features, and reduce photo data. In detail our customer service representatives are prepared to treat your clients with genuine care, our systems group can support any technology.


3. Indeed we perform a wide range of back office duties, such as locating client contact information, putting up data for instances needing insurance company attention.


Dynamic 5 Applications

  • 1.Highest Quality, Lowest Cost
  • 2. 20+ Language Capabilities
  • 3. 12-Years of proven track records
  • 4.Support and Care is ALL we do.
  • 5.Multi-Channel Customer Care

Enjoy Our 7 BPO Or Back Office Support:


  • 1.Shared services support
  • 2.Website support
  • 3.Internet help desk
  • 4.Collections
  • 5.Account validation and verification
  • 6.Accounting support
  • 7. General ledger support

Frequently Asked Questions For Business Process Outsourcing

How we can offload your task and increase efficiency?

Managers of organizations sometimes are not able to focus on the core activities because of the business. As a result our industry experts help you to cater to your client’s needs and questions. Our BPO service involves pre-sales, sales, after-sale, and everything between.

What services does Callcenter BD offer?

We provide a variety of services that will assist you in achieving your company objectives. Client service, inbound and customer retention, payment processing, management, accounting and back-office processing are a few of the services available.

What does CCBD BPO do?

CCBD is your one-stop shop, your due-diligence team basically to find you the Perfect Partner for your Outsourcing needs.  We also provide service according to your business requirements.

If I cancel, do I get my money back?

A refund will be issued depending on when you are cancelling the order.  Cancellations must occur by 6 pm local time in Bangladesh on the day before your service will be started.

Simplify Your Challenging Task With BPO