Technical Support Services in Bangladesh

Whatever type of technical support service you are looking for, you can get in touch. We provide outstanding technical services in Bangladesh to solve your tech problems.

Technical Support Services in Bangladesh

No matter whatever type of business you are operating, you may need technical support on a regular basis or from  time to time. We know how problematic it is when a major technical issue arises in your office premise.  It may affect even all the employees and can be a reason for huge loss of your business. Therefore, hiring professional tech support executives is very important.We are a professional technical support provider based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We help you with the right technical staff who truly match your requirements. As we have worked with various industries, we gained robust experience in providing technical support and services. So, get in touch with the top-grade technical support providers in Bangladesh.
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Technical Support Services in Bangladesh
Technical Support Services in Bangladesh

Block Hours

Some companies may want to take IT services at an agreed hourly price. The number of hours will be fixed upon requirements. Then, we will provide services up to that certain number hours throughout a month, quarter, or even year. Our block hours technical service we offer.

Managed Service

If you need technical support on a regular basis, you may want to go for a regular contract. Whether it’s a 24-hours technical help desk service or anything else, you will get affordable flat rates. Enjoy our quality managed technical services from top-notch tech experts.

Outsourced Technical Support Team

Want to outsource a dedicated technical support team? Here we are awaiting your call. We are a highly experienced team of technical support providers. Get non stop support from any country or any part of the world. Our trained professionals will solve all your tech issues smartly.

Remote Computer Repair Service

You may suffer from software related issues on your computer.  This type of problem can cause huge hassle to your business resulting in waste of working hours.We have the right professionals to solve your software related problems. We will connect your computer with ours and fix potential issues quite remotely.

Tiered Technical Support: Our Smart Approach

Categorizing technical supports in tiers or levels is a good way to solve problems. It helps a company reduce time and energy in providing technical support to customers. We provide tiered technical supports upon requirements of our clients.

Tier/Level 0

This is the first level of customer support and it’s the very basic type. Customers get this type of support directly from online resources. We set up tier 0 properly so customers can easily get the requisite services. The FAQ page on your website, documentation page etc. can work as tier 1.

Tier/Level 1

When customers need low-level technical help desk supports, our tier 1 activates and provides supports. If tier 1 finds the task to be very critical, then it passes the job to a higher level or tier with a smart system. Finally, a higher level or tier provides the solutions.

Tier/Level 2

Critical supports are categorized as tier 2 technical help.  When a customer needs in-depth technical help, our tier 2 takes the job and responds with quality supports. They may work as a team while providing such type of support.

Tier/Level 3

Sometimes, customers need very expert level support. As we have a team of highly qualified experts in the tier 3, we can render this type of service from inside our team. We provide extensive training to this specialized team.

Tier/Level 4

If we are in a situation where we need help from outside our team, it falls under tier 4. It’s very rare though. Still, if it happens we smartly engage higher level experts to solve technical problems. We have a pool of connections so we can engage them whenever you need such services.

Our IT related Network & Technical Service.

We have multiple highly expert teams for providing outstanding technical services. These teams have years of experience which enables them to provide quality services. You will find our experts equipped with other relevant skills like the knowledge of various industries or sectors.

We maintain a collaborative environment while working on your technical projects. Smart communication process and outstanding collaboration is critical in solving any technical problems. We possess both the aspects and we can help you with the right collaboration.

Getting quality services at an affordable price is very beneficial for any business. You can save a lot by taking our affordable technical support services. Our smooth process lets us reduce service cost.