Virtual Offices With A Premium Registered Office Address In Dhaka And Instantly Add Credibility And Prestige To Our Brand.

In detail Virtual Offices gives you the professional presence in Dhaka, Bangladesh, mobility, and flexibility. Since you need to get more done, your outlay is a low monthly fee and month-by-month terms eases your cash flow. We also can record professional, studio-quality greetings customized for your business — ensuring every caller is treated professionally.

Thus CCBD Set up rules to instruct your Virtual Receptionist to ignore calls from specific numbers or to send all calls at certain times of day straight to voicemail. When set routing rules to let your Virtual Receptionist know where to forward specific callers, or calls at certain times of day. Only if update these rules anytime in your secure My-Account portal.

Surely keeping pace with the trend, CCBD has formulated a virtual offices plan that meets the requirements of Starts-up companies, entrepreneurs & SMEs. Calls are replied in your company name, then transferred to you anywhere in the world and you can also adjust your receptionist instructions, online, directly. Enjoy the same convenience & present the company image-when you let your CCBD Virtual Receptionist professionally answer, route & manage your calls.

FAQ FOR Virtual Offices

Will My Remote Virtual Office redirect my local USB drives to my remote computer?

Obviously It will. CCBD Remote Virtual Office support Dynamic Devices. If our customer insert a USB drive into their local computer AFTER they have connected to their remote computer, the USB drive will automatically appear in our list of drives on our remote computer.

Can I Use My Remote Virtual Office for free of charge?

Yes since you can. If you don’t have license key your experience will be limited to remote desktop control. Our clients will not be able to do things like print to your local computer, shadow mode and the like.

Is My CCBD Office a call center or answering service?

My CCBD Office is not only a call center but also the administrator providing you with personalized telephone answering service is truly an extension of your business. The receptionist at Office takes your company’s reputation very seriously, which is quite different from the experience you will find with answering services at a larger call center.

How does a virtual office differ from a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant offers administrative facilities through the contract as opposed to a staff you would employ full-time. Virtual assistant offers know-how to your assignments using their office, software, and equipment, eradicating your need to recruit employees .

How Virtual office is a cost effective solution?

As a Virtual office provides several of the facilities of a traditional office without the charge associated with a full-time office. Virtual office packages are flexible and can regulate to meet your precise needs at any given point in time. Our virtual office packages have planned to grow your industry.

 Save Cost And Grow With 10 Ways

  • 1.Advanced Call Routing
  • 2.Call Center Agent
  • 3.On-Hold Music
  • 4.After-Hours Greetings
  • 5.A prestigious CBD location
  • 6.A local support team
  • 7.Technology that saves time and money
  • 8.Flexible terms from 1 month
  • 9.Try it obligation-free!

Your 8 Virtual Offices Core Benefits

  • 1.Flexible Service Agreements
  • 2.Uninterrupted Service
  • 3.Cost-Effective
  • 4.A receptionist answering calls
  • 5.Elegant DBS lounge free of cost.
  • 6.Use conference or meeting room,
  • 7.Budget-friendly plan for infrastructure
  • 8. Local Telephone Number

Virtual Offices Business Address Workspace In Dhaka.