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The new-normal after the outbreak of COVID-19 has taught us many lessons. We are still adopting a lot of things that arose as a result of Coronavirus. From safety measures to our behaviors, so much stuff is getting changed for the virus. 

Coronavirus has also impacted our corporate world. So many things have changed in the corporate arena since the outbreak started. Virtual workspace is such a thing that has been becoming popular after the Coronavirus hit. We offer smart virtual workspaces to clients of any corner in the world.

A Connected, Secured & Fully Equipped Virtual Workspace

6 benefits of using remote office desk are given below to understand how it enhance business productivity.

Work From Anywhere


Work From Anywhere

We set us a smart remote workspace for your business, the employees can work from literally anywhere in the world. They can work from their own houses, the coffee shop near the house, the park beside the home, or even from the beach. It won’t affect wherever they are working from.

Smartly Business Connected


Smartly Connected

We connect each of your employees with a very modern system that truly serves your purpose. As a rigorous analysis, we select a system and then implement it in your business so the employees can work virtually without impacting the performance negatively.

Virtual Collaboration Tool


Collaboration Tool

Our collaboration tools are aimed at simplifying virtual offices. Your employees can collaborate with each other very smoothly with our collaboration system. Meeting or any other requirements are met very smartly with our latest collaboration tool.

Virtualy Project Management System


Project Management System

When you take our virtual office services, you get an effective project management system. This project management system is made specially for managing projects virtually. Employees can manage complex projects very effectively with this modern project management system.

Organizational Workplace Structure


Organizational Structure

As your organization goes virtual along with a number of employees, the current organizational structure may not be that much effective. We analyze the current organizational structure and suggest improvements if needed. If your business requires it, we design and develop your own structure.

Business Communication


Business Communication

Your business had a regular business communication structure in the normal situation. But, when you are going virtual, you may need to have a different business  structure. Our  experts will help you set up an impactful business communication method in your virtual office.

Increase Productivity With Our Technical Experts

Instant Support

As your employees work virtually, they may need any support or any unexpected situation may arise. No worries! We are here with instant support.

Technical Services

When you take our virtual office service, you are worry-free about technical issues in your virtual office. We will help you solve technical problems.

Dedicated Team

We will employ a Virtual Assistance or dedicated team to serve your business so you can reap the most benefits out of our virtual office services.

Outstanding Expertise

Our team possesses outstanding expertise in setting up virtual offices for clients around the world. Let our expertise be utilized in your business.

FAQ For Virtual Workspaces

We offer 24/7 building access, lockable storage, fast & secured internet services, complimentary coffee, tea & water for you and your guests. Moreover we have access to meeting spaces, our on-site gym, community cafe and member networking events.


Yes, Capital City, Dhaka Offices dedicated desks are exclusively for you and your team. It is in one of our open and spacious workspaces so you can get to work at a safe distance.

Our Dhaka office can provide your distant team with access to support amenities and a professional environment to meet with customers and colleagues. Our technology services – including VoIP, combined communications, video conferencing, data center, and cloud computing – will backing them at home or on the road

Our Dhaka office offers weekly, bi-weekly, or customized mail forwarding.

Business Address: Starts from 1900 Taka; establishing a professional business address in a reputed area of Bangladesh.

Services Include:  An office Base; Documentation Usage; Mail or Email service


Virtual Office: Starts from 4500 taka. Creating an instant business presence with us.

Services Include: Call answering service, usage of Global business lounges,  thousands of locations.


Virtual Office Plus: Starts from 6500 Taka per month. Comprehensive package with workspace access

Features Include:  Exclusive use of meeting room, 5 days office use per month, business lounge network service.


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